Starting a blog; my blog to be precise.

I think only the truly talented, or the really bitchy, know how to write a good blog. Or people with actual things to talk about. I am none of these.

Without having much to talk about – like, a particular topic for the whole blog to  be based around – this will be about all the things I would talk about if I had someone who devotedly and unquestionably LOVED everything I had to say. And I mean EVERYTHING. Or cared about EVERYTHING I did. On a regular basis.

Sure, I have a husband who kind of loves everything I say and do. But I know it’s only because he loves me that he might say that (I’ve never heard him say that). He doesn’t sit with his chin cradled in his hands, lying on the floor, legs crossed at the ankles while he stares up at me with wide eyes and intrigue – waiting for me to start speaking about my day. It’s like mother love: because he has to. (And because I cook amazing things for him to eat and have sex with him.)  I actually know he doesn’t whole heartedly love my every thought – and it’s OK. Same goes.

Maybe someone else will. Or no one will. Either way, I’ll write it.

Follow, comment, share, erase from your history – I don’t really care. Most of all, know that I am pretty much just like you but, instead, I say it out loud. Or rather, I type it.

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