Nice things for Husbands

This blog is supposed to be a forum. So, I want to put it out there to all the ladies in the world (or just the 3 I know read this): what do you do for your husband?

I don’t mean the domestic/household type things like laundry and vacuuming and cooking and sex. Is that last one a chore? It shouldn’t be…it just slipped in there.

I mean, we secretly wish that they would do wonderful, creative, and over the top things for us spontaneously. But do we do this for them?

I ask because this weekend, tonight actually, I am surprising Mr Jenna (Scott) by taking him to a 4.5 star hotel I booked a couple of weeks ago. I’m packing a bag with a change of clothes incl. his pj’s and some board shorts for quality time in the spa pool at the hotel. I’m picking up some beer for him and treats for watching a movie in the KING SIZE BED and splashing out on room service for dinner. And I’m leaving him to it. Haha! No… I will be there too.

He is none the wiser (and doesn’t read this blog). The reason I’m doing it is to say congratulations on three months of not smoking and thank you for coming to NZ and leaving everything you knew as well as working a shitty job for the first three months after you got here. He went cold turkey on the smoking the day he arrived in the country and was a car groomer up until two weeks ago which he HATED. Back story: he’s Canadian. We met in Canada while I was travelling, we fell in love and I couldn’t get an extension on my visa so we got married and then a week later I had to leave. Five months apart before he could get to NZ and was almost a pack a day smoker before arriving.

As well as the night in the hotel, the soak in the spa and the room servicey goodness, I have a lunch booked at a little tavern in wine country near where we live for the day after – also a surprise.

In a way I am reinforcing his will to give up smoking by rewarding him for the massive feat, but at the same time, I really love to treat my husband and show my appreciation that he is in my life. And, for me, getting excited about planning surprises for Scott and having someone in my life to do this for makes me really happy.

But enough about me…I just wanted to put it out there – to ask what you, the wives/girlfriends/life partners are doing for your male significant other? Tell me, I’m ever so curious.

6 responses to “Nice things for Husbands

  1. I hope you two are enjoying your break away. Well done Scott for being smoke free, the hardest part is over. How do I show my appreciation for B-rad? Hmmm… we used to do a lot for each other, I would give him pamper nights and he would take me out to a beautiful restaurant once a week but now with Jack and 6 years being together we don’t do anything. But now after reading your blog we should do more things for each other. Enjoy listening to the rain and room service xx

    • Pamper night is such a good idea! Especially when you have a toddler; just staying in and doing something different like having a carpet picnic by candle light and turning off the tv after Jack has gone to bed – put on some music and play a board game or cards? Just something that strays from the routine of daily life 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting question! We do a lot for each other in day-to-day life, but not a lot of special stuff outside the home. Recently I was telling Luke that it makes me sad he doesn’t “treat” me more often i.e. take me out on dates. And he said… “do you ever suggest we go on a date?” Good point husband! I think it is important and lovely for a man to wine and dine his woman, but he deserves some goodness too x

    • Agreed! Do unto those as you would like done unto you. In this age of equality, men should be felt to made just as special as we want them to make us feel. Thanks Gabrielle 🙂

  3. Jenna! I love this! I recently moved to Toronto from Calgary leaving everything behind for my significant other so I feel like I can relate to Scott! You love someone so much that no matter what you have, you would give up for the person you want to be with. It doesn’t seem like a sacrifice when you know that you will be with that person who loves you back. I like to do a lot of little things for my husband to show I care. I love leaving messages and buying his favourite treats for his lunch for work/school. One time I bought a graduate hat and played the grad anthem when he walked in the door because we couldn’t make it to his graduation. We had a graduation dinner, I also made him walk down the isle in the living room complete with a cap and gown and I gave him a rolled up “diploma”. haha Marriage is so fun! Enjoy your get away!!

    • That is SO cute! His very own graduation. I’m sure he was impressed by your effort and thoughtfulness – probably why he married you in the first place 😉 I also do lots of little every day things to make his day a little more special. I do often wish he did the same, but guys just don’t think on that wavelength. Well, not all of them! And not mine. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just a difference between men and women altogether. Marriage is fun!

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