Sky times

We live on an industrial road with a bunch of apartments plotted here and there, in between the industrial businesses. So, it’s not super picturesque BUT we do have a view of the surrounding mountains from our second storey apartment.

The sky in the mornings lately has been gorgeous! Hues of oranges and firey reds and some amazing pinks and blues. Although they say “red sky in the morning, shepherds warning” it isn’t always true in Queenstown. I’m up at 6.30am (for work) so I get to see some amaaaazing sunsets, which I take for granted.

Today has been raining more than it’s rained the entire time I’ve lived in Queenstown but the clouds broke about 15mins ago and I took this photo:


The clouds are coming back in now, probably to rain some more. I shouldn’t complain – the weather has looked like the below photo most of the time I’ve been here:


I’ll leave you now with a few more photos of the sky at dusk from the balcony of our apartment, a toi toi bush on a walk in the middle of winter looking towards Queenstown from Kelvin Heights and¬†finally, three shots of a sunrise two weekends ago that was very pastelly and pretty and I had trouble choosing just one…





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