Do potatoes make you sleepy?

I just googled this question as I ate a whole potato for breakfast (with some fried portabelllo mushroom and some baked beans…mmm carbs) and now I feel SUPER tired. Like I could literally fall asleep at my desk. It could be my booooring job. But I’ll blame the spud.

Usually, food is what causes my ill feelings and it occurred to me that I’d been eating potato most mornings since I can’t eat dairy or gluten to help fill the gap. And I’ve noticed an increase in yawning in the morning after breakfast. Odd. I’ve been sleeping OK and started taking an iron supplement so how is it that I’m SO tired, but not all the time?

The possible culprit: Evil Mr Potato.

Beware!! The following is not scientifically correct and more for the laymen: Potatoes are mega high in carbs which is essentially a sugar and so my body had a huge spike of potato sugars and now I’m crashing causing me to be veeeeerrrryyyyy sleeeeeeepyyyyyyy.

Look at him…plotting his next sugary spike.


Evil Mr Potato typically strikes at dinner time and can be found lurking in the deep friers of most fast food restaurants. Small in stature and varying in size and colour, his eyes are many and his skin is thick. Should you wish to avoid the curse of Evil Mr Potato, carry a hessian sack with you at all times to trap him – once his eyes are covered, his almighty sleep inducing powers are zapped! Pow! Pow!

5 responses to “Do potatoes make you sleepy?

  1. OK, That picture is hilarious! Especially because all that root looks like pubic hair and pubic hair is funny 😛

  2. Try Quinoa for breaky instead and check out this site for some great recipes. Carbs make me like that after lunch, doing any work is impossible – just want to sleep…

    • Oh yeah, and it totally looks like potato pubes!!! Love it!!

    • I have done the quinoa thing for breakfast. If I eat it every day I get blocked up. It seems I’m not good with many things… it sucks. Will move onto smoothies next week though. Non dairy, non gluten smoothies. I’m up at 6.30am so smoothies are easy and quick and tasty. Have tried and tested the make breakfast before trick…it works for a little while. thanks for the website, i’ll check it out!

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