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“this is f*@king awesome”

Not only is this song clever and funny, it’s catchy too!! If you need an incentive to click to watch…Batman. Feety. Pjs. Need I say more?


oh how I love a good weekend!!

I’ll keep this weekend round-up brief:

Sleep ins
Skype Calls
Seeing friends
Samoa photos
Sauvignon Blanc
Stewing over a personal dilemma
Sexy time (sorry if that’s TMI – I don’t really care…)
Snotty noses
Supermarket shopping

and last, but never least: Sandwiches!!!

I made caramelised onions for a BBQ Scott and I went to yesterday – they were for “fancy hotdogs” which just means a sausage that isn’t made from MRM (and hopefully led a happy life) in a cut up French roll bun, with any sauce you like, garlic and herb butter, grated cheese and caramelised onions.

There was plenty left over (as I ALWAYS make too much) and after the late BBQ lunch had settled and our tummies were grumbling again, we were at the supermarket trying to decide what to have for dinner. Which in itself was PAINFUL, I was tired and dehydrated from sun and cider and nothing seemed appealing after the big lunch. But we knew we had to make a decision or we’d get home and have to come straight back. I didn’t feel like cooking and decided a frozen pizza wasn’t gonna cut the mustard.

So, we got a bakery loaf of focaccia and some brie cheese to accompany other sandwichy type things we already had in the trolley.

Long story short…after a regular sandwich of avocado, brie and iceberg lettuce, eyeing up Scott’s toasted cheese and ham number, I decided something toasted would be tastier for my second round. I made a pan fried toasted sandwich with brie and caramelised onions and a touch of the garlic and herb butter on the outside of the bread to prevent sticking. AH MA GAHD! Suuuuch a good toasted sandwich! The brie wasn’t completely melted, but it was on it’s way, the onions were warmed through and added the tiniest of hints of sweetness to the salty cheese and I ALWAYS enjoy a bit of garlic. Should’ve taken a photo…but it was gone too soon for me to think I might write about it the next day.

Try it; it’s wonderful. This would make a perfect appetiser (if cut into smaller, two bite pieces) or just an indulgent late night snack (think Nigella Lawson). Or, with a glass of pinot gris or a creamy chardonnay, you might just like to have yourself a wee sandwich party.

“I am obese”: Tales from the fat keeper

According to the NZ Heart Foundation website, I am obese. I am 166cm tall and I weigh about 84kgs (185 lbs). Not my ideal weight by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m certainly NOT obese!!!

Back when I was 19years old, I was heavier than I am now, and a nutritionist in training I worked with had recorded my food intake and calculated my BMI for me. The next day she broke the news that I was “obese”. A bit stunned, I finished work, drove home and announced to my flatmates that I was obese and that if they didn’t want to be friends with a really fat person any more that I would understand. I was joking, of course. Not about the “obese” thing – that was a FACT. A “fact”.

I knew I was heavy and that was probably a bit of a wake up call to hear the word obese being hurled at me. Obese was bad. Obese was too big. Obese was really big! But I wasn’t that big…or was I? I could still tie my shoes, I could still see my toes, there was no mould growing in the folds of my skin, chaffing was a bit of an issue in the thigh area but I wasn’t losing skin there, as far as I knew I smelled fresh and clean and didn’t yawn a lot or waddle…I was confused.

I know the BMI is only an indicator and that many other factors have to be taken into account – body type, muscle mass, pregnancy etc. , but it seems a bit too strict. I am an hourglass lady with boobs, a bum and hips, I am not pregnant and I am active. I have pretty thick calves and sizeable thigh muscles and I could definitely use some toning up and trimming down, but OBESE? Really?! That is a strong word; not to be bandied around willy nilly!

There was a time, once, when I was 20kgs lighter than I am today. I was 21, depressed, not exercising apart from the walk too and from work and didn’t love cooking. I fit into size 10 jeans and still thought I was a heifer. My friend Stacey told me later, after I’d gained a bit of weight, that I’d looked “gaunt” back then. I didn’t think I did, but then I’m maybe not the best person to judge – I didn’t think I was obese once upon a time but apparently I was. Yet, at 65kgs I was considered to be a “healthy weight”. How does “gaunt” fit in with “healthy”?

Right now, to be a “healthy weight” according to the NZ Heart Foundation site, I would have to drop 16kilos, to lower my risk of “obesity related diseases”. I don’t smoke, I eat a balanced diet and I exercise on a regular basis. Still, I remain obese. My current target is to get into the mid 70kg range where I’d still be considered “over-weight”. An improvement on obese but still a little bit of a negative connotation surrounds that phrase. I can’t win!

I know that as long as I feel good about the way that I look, regardless of my BMI, then I think I’m OK. I love food too much to be super skinny and I love my health enough to not be a drain on the healthcare system.

I do think the BMI is a useful indicator for those who do not exercise, smoke, gorge themselves on salty/sugary/fatty treats every day etc. , but for a lass that doesn’t, the BMI seems a little bit dinosaur for my liking. We should all be striving to avoid obesity related heart diseases for so many reasons but is the BMI the most effective way to calculate this?

Akarua wines

Someone searched for “akarua meaning” and landed on my page which got me excited and curious. I also googled “akarua meaning” and what came up didn’t really offer much of an explanation. Well, not in the first page of the search results anyway – I rarely go any further than the first page.

The meaning of Aka – is “vine” in Maori and the meaning of rua is “two” in maori. So, the Akarua winery got their name from combing the two words. When they started out, they only had two vines hence the “rua” part of the name.

Check out their website and if you’re ever in the Central Otago region, go to their cellar door and taste some of the yummiest wines you’ll find in New Zealand. The lady we had our tasting with, was great to chat with, knew HEAPS about the history of the vineyard and winery and about wine in general. She’d also owned a cafe in nearby Cromwell so knew a lot about food matching. Which, I think, is VERY important! As great as a glass of sav and a ciggy is, wine and food go much better together. Oh, and she also coined the phrase “mid week wine” when referring to one of the pinot gris’ that day, which I loved!

weekend roundup

I get slightly horrified when no-one has viewed my blog on any given day. I thank those of you who follow and actually do read the posts – you are choice! I had one view yesterday and none so far today, last week also saw a couple of zero view days. I know this is because I don’t post on those days mainly or perhaps I just don’t tag well. Or I’m just plain boring and no one reads because no one cares. That’s not the case, I just know it. My self esteem is high enough to know it’s not me. It’s you – whoever you aren’t, not reading my blog and what not…how dare you!? Don’t you know who I think I am? 😉

Anyway…this weekend’s events went as follows:


  • a mega sleep in (until 11.15am), a sunny day complete with snow, yes, snow. In spring?! I know!! I don’t think the snow knows it’s spring…
  • a few episodes of Sex and the city with a smoothie to accompany
  • mammoth exercise session incl 40mins of biking and an hour with the dog we were babysitting
  • some scratches and pats with Meow Meow (the cat we were babysitting)
  • home for a shower and late lunch: seafood chowder – not at the same time. Nice to have a real chowder after an AWFUL experience at a shitty cafe/restaurant a couple of weeks ago in town that knows it’ll get the foot traffic so it doesn’t give a shit what it dishes up. SO awful, I was very disappointed and told them so without a response…yet. How could any place be proud to be a food establishment when you’re serving up shitty chowder?! HOW?! Shame. On. You. I’ll name them in the hope they are shamed: Tatler.  I really could dedicate a whole post to what I think about paying for food vs an excellent experience…another time maybe.
  • Mr Jenna got home at just after five and it was a fidgety/hungry wait until our gondola ride to the awesome buffet up the hill in town. So I watched more Sex and the city – series 2. I’ve watched all the seasons about 10 times. I love it!
  • Scott ate WAAAAAAAAY too much at the buffet. So much so, that he could barely move to get back in the gondola, or into the car, or out of the car and into the house. I ate an ample amount but could’ve still taken some cheese board home with me…I refrained. Sadly.
  • “Be sleepy” teas, a Quick-eze (antacid) for Scott – which he mistook for a “quickie” and was like “Jenna, I don’t think it’s a good time” hehe. No dear, something for your tummy…mind in the gutter. And then sleep.


  • Smaller sleep in
  • Got up at 10am to watch the “Home and Away” omnibus but, to my disgust, there was only motor sport for the next EIGHT hours!!! Isn’t there a sports channel this kind of carry on can be broadcast on? I missed out on H&A for Christ’s sake! Not good enough TV3. Boooooo…
  • Had to watch more SATC while sunning myself on the deck as Scott watched baseball playoffs on tv.
  • Talked to Scott’s mum on skype and “met” her partners two girls
  • Fish and chips by the lake with Sprite
  • Supermarket, fed animals, set up surprise for newly-wed couple we’d been babysitting animals for
  • Home to chill out before cooking Scott Thanksgiving dinner since he was missing out on it back home. Had to improvise a little due to the absence of turkey, brussell sprouts and pumpkin pie. Tegel chicken in a bag – you are my hero.
  • Apple turnovers for dessert
  • Bed.

The end.

How was your weekend? Can you detail it for me with bullet points and bold headings, please? I’d like that 🙂