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Who is the slackest blogger you know?

My hand is up! I’ve been pretty slack, I know it. No, no, don’t try and make me feel better with your “life gets in the way comments” and your remorseful stares. I’ve been slack.¬†

Work has been MENTAL! I’ve been more stressed in the last three weeks than I have in a long time but it’s all calming down now. Thank the powers that be! There are 8 more days of this awful job left and then it’s goodbye celebrations and road trip with husband!!!

When I arrive in the North Island, and will be unemployed, I’ll have plenty of time to update this wonderful wee blog I like to think thousands of people follow. But it’s just you…so, sorry for not posting and thanks for reading ūüôā¬†Image

Sleep, love and cook books

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I was snappy, tired, lacking energy, motivation and the will to carry on. OK  so the last part is a bit dramatic but I am SO over this job and just want it to be over.

I handed in my notice on the 1st of November, making my last day the 30th of November. I have two and a half weeks to go but I have seriously lost the will to do this job. My chair lacks foam cushioning so even just sitting here all day is a pain in the bum! Literally! And my employers are too cheap to invest in a decent chair for me as that was an investment they made quite some time ago and aren’t prepared to invest again any time soon because it’s not in their budget. Their staff are not really in their budget apart from our wages.

Anyway…hating is not helping.

I struggled through the day yesterday, longing to be outside in the glorious sunshine and 21 degrees mother nature was sharing with us. My breakfast smoothie tasted like plastic so I had to throw it out to then eat cornflakes and milk – both “no-no’s” on my paleo list. First fail. Then lunch was no better as the dressing I’m using is starting to taste like poison after having taken sugar out of my diet. This item has sugar in it and it cuts my taste buds! The egg for my lunch salad was not boiled to perfection and parts of it looked like mucus which made me want to gag with every mouthful. Second fail. The rest of the afternoon I felt like snapping at anyone that talked to me; I think I did well not to snap, actually. Small win. When I got home I put on my exercise clothes and prepared to do a Jillian Michaels workout but the computer is old and was struggling as much as I was to work. Third and final fail. So I gave up on that, cooked a piece of bacon and fried an egg, ate it and lay down on the couch, watching Rick Steins Mediterranean¬†Adventures.¬† I heart that man – always something interesting to say. Though, he does look like a man who could snap at any minute…

An hour later I was asleep. I had slept fine the night before so realistically I shouldn’t have been tired. But I’m SO drained, mentally, physically and emotionally from this job. It’s stealing precious positivity from me and I resent the crap out of it! All I felt like doing yesterday was curling up and going to sleep and forgetting about the world. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a symptom of depression! I’m not being OTT here, I don’t actually feel depressed but I am stressed which is leading to a bit of a Ctrl+Alt+delete situation. I’ve experienced this before and I get through it to the end but once it’s over, I crash. It’s not pretty.

BUT!!! Silver lining!!! I am married to a bloody rock of a man who has endless patience for my bitching and moaning! I woke up from my nap with him on the other couch, quietly munching on a pear and playing on his smart phone. He had even bought me a wee present – the Jamie Oliver 30 min meal cookbook I’ve wanted for over a year now. Such a gem!! He knew I’d had a bad day and that I’ve hated my job for months so his attempt to cheer me up was in lieu of this. It worked ūüôā I love Jamie Oliver and those 30 min meals are delicious!!! I gave Scott a hug and a kiss and shed a few small tears saying “I’ve had too many bad days lately”.

The nap and the present had me feeling more like myself so I cooked dinner even though it was Scott’s turn. After dinner we went for a walk around the lifestyle blocks that surround our street and when I got home I watched the rest of the Sex and the City movie. A shitty day had turned into quite a nice evening.

Sleep, love and cook books – all so good for the soul.

you may have noticed…

I have not posted in a while – sorry! I have started a side line project to map my cave man eating ways so I think my energy has gone more into that than on good old day to day blogging. So, here’s a story – inspired by a sight I’ve been seeing in the sky in the mornings…

Once upon a time, I lived with my sister and her boyfriend in a massive house in West Auckland, he had a German Shepherd named Jake. One morning I lay dozing in bed after a long shift at Hell Pizza, making tasty slices for the masses the night before when suddenly I was awoken from my slumber by incessant barking. What was that bloody dog barking at so intently?! 

I flopped myself out of bed to go and yell at Jake to shut the f*@k up – didn’t he realise I was sleeping?! I pounded down the carpeted stairs and through the kitchen, out to where Jake hung out on the back deck. There he was barking his head off like a mad thing. I growled him a little for being so loud and got him to sit down and be quiet.

Happy with my authoritative ways, I sent myself back to sleep for some much needed shut eye. Back in bed, all tucked up, warm, cosy… but then… more barking!!¬†

Threw myself out of bed again to do more yelling at the dog, this time I put him in his kennel and scalded him for stealing precious sleep hours from me. He looked sorry, but I don’t think he was. Before I could even get back in the sliding door, closer to warmth and restfulness, he was at it again!¬†

So, like a sleep deprived mental case, I start asking him “what are you barking at?!” Jake, of course, didn’t answer me but just kept barking and jumping back and forth. I would make a terrible friend for any rescue dog because I cannot speak dog.¬†

He wouldn’t stop barking so I just gave up and went back inside.

Back up to bed, Jake still barking, me grumbling about sleeplessness and something about dogs being stupid. Maybe he was barking at something? Maybe he knew something I didn’t? Maybe I should go back down there and say sorry for yelling at him?

Giving up, going back down there to be nice to him so he likes me again and as I step out of the sliding door, the sun is blinding me and Jake is still barking…I look up and right there, high up in the sky is a hot air balloon. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He was barking maniacally at a hot air balloon! I guess it’s not every day a dog sees a hot air balloon! Naturally you’d get excited. Wouldn’t you? I have been every morning when I see the resident rainbow ‘loon hanging from the quiet and still, blue morning sky. The sun is not fully up but it’s light enough for anyone up that high to be having a surreal morning experience.

Photos were taken two days ago but the balloon is so far up that my camera doesn’t do it justice. I took another one today and will post it later on.


Nuts for nuts!

Having had to change my eating habits and incorporate more nuts into my diet, I’ve discovered that I love macadamia nuts! I never knew! I always thought they had a kind of powdery mouth feel and that they were a bit bland. I would eat the white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies at Subway to get the white chocolate and if there was chocolate up for grabs with the mac in them, I’d eat it anyway because passing up chocolate is a sin. Naturally.

My taste buds must have matured or something because this little nut is delicious! It’s subtly sweet and creamy and oh soooo gooood. I don’t know if it’ll become my new favourite nut, because I think the pistachio reigns king of that ranking. But it’s definitely a close second. I used to love peanuts – I still do, but they are not a nut…sadly…and for paleolithic peeps, they are banned. Probably for the best, it made way for the mighty mac which I will be seeking out a lot more!

Does anyone have a tasty macadamia recipe to share?¬†Preferably¬†without gluten, dairy, sugar and legumes. Ha! Make it easy why don’t I? ūüôā


Am I a wedges girl?

Mmmmm wedges…with sour cream and bacon bits and cheese and chives….and sweet chilli! mmmmm…

No, no, no! not potato wedges…the shoes.

I tried some on yesterday and clomped around in them for a bit. Definitely comfier than the old high heel but I’m not sure if I can pull them off. It’s a lot of shoe! I’ve always thought that a wedge heel looks slightly odd on a really skinny leg, but as I have wider, more non sticky legs – would my legs end up looking TOO large? Like, would they accentuate my girthy legs or just be an¬†extension¬†of the girth and look fine?

I’m not fashionable. I’m not really that girly – I like to put make up on once every couple of months and dress nicely and when I do make an effort, I actually scrub up quite well. But on a¬†regular, daily kind of basis, I don’t possess the girly gene. I don’t often need to go shopping with another person because I know what suits me, but occasionally it’s nice to have a second opinion to help me decide on things that stray from my normal choices i.e wedge heels.

The reason I’m thinking about wedges is because our NZ wedding will be on sand and grass and if I don’t find shoes I LOVE then I’ll just do the barefoot thing, or get some kind of foot jewellery. Wedges are dressy and the height will be kind to my legs so they are a good choice for practicality.

What do you think about wedges? Did you go from heels to wedge heels and never look back? Did you find the chunkiness of them a bit of an adjustment? Will I be OK if I wear them? Or will people think “that girl has no business in wedge heels – I mean, look how much girth they add to her already girthy legs!” Talk about first world problems!!