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I never get sick of … SHAPESHIFTER

Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them live, or heard them anywhere, I do not tire of the uplifiting, emotive, dance happy sound that is by far New Zealand’s BEST drum and bass acts. Feeling excited and ready for my fun weekend ahead – Shapeshifter gets me hyped up. BIG love!!

Could be worse

As the (work) week starts to wrap up and I procrastinate actioning the emails in my inbox, I sit here listening to some relaxing, meditative music via the you tube and think about how my week unfolded…

I’d love to say it was a box of fluffy ducks but it wasn’t. It was a pretty average week, if you forget about the “the day that shall not be named”. It was Tuesday (oh no, I said it!) and it was not a good day. I went to bed grumpy on Monday, for no good reason at all; had nothing to be grumpy about. I woke up grumpy on Tuesday morning and it slowly got worse as the day unfolded. Nothing bad happened. Nothing at all! I couldn’t put my finger on why I was a little dark cloud all day long. I expressed my grumpiness to my sister and to Scott who both took it upon themselves to do lovely things for me to try and cheer me up. 

After a phone call to my sister, I was looking forward to going over to her house for tea (enchiladas…arreeeba!) and picking up something really bad for us for pudding. I got home to a lovely letter from the Mr outlining all the reasons he loves to love me which was so sweet it made me cry. Not his intention, but effective none the less because, if you’re a lady, you’ll know that sometimes it’s just quite nice to have a good bawl. Which I did. I realised I’d had a stressful weekend trying to arrange a friend’s surprise 30th birthday within a time frame of less than 48 hours. It was exciting and as I’m fairly good at coordinating people in secret, it was pulled off (with help from others) and she was surprised. But the concentration on the task at hand meant my other good habits slipped by the wayside. Like drinking enough water, eating actual meals instead of grazing on things I’m mostly intolerant to and avoiding too much alcohol. I’d internalised the stress of it all and it must have started to surface on Monday night.

So after the letter and the cry and some meditation on my bedroom floor, I felt 85% better and thought “it could be worse”.

This was affirmed as I ventured towards my car, off to my sisters, and saw the following on the road…


Not the greatest photo as it was taken with my phone and the light was disappearing into night time. A well timed car was passing as I took the shot so you get a better look at what appears to be a large, three scoops ice-cream crying it’s way down the side of the road.

I actually laughed out loud as I was taking the photo because as bad as my day had been, at least I hadn’t dropped my three scoop ice cream on the road, meters from the dairy I bought it from, as well. 

Dinner was delicious and I was gifted a pretty long stemmed, orange rose from my sister to add to the cheer. She also told me not to bring my grump to her house so I had to consciously decide not to be grumpy in order to be a good house guest instead of one you wish never turned up. 

The rest of the week has been largely uneventful and I’m thankful for that. It could be worse, I could be Miley Cyrus or live in Syria. 

Or I could be Rachael in Vancouver who seems to be in good spirits despite a series of unfortunate events: read here

I hope you all had/are having a good week and that despite any of the bad things that could have happened to you in the last few days, it could always be a lot worse. Happy Friday! xx


She can’t stop, she won’t stop…

My goodness me if I’ve heard nothing but Miley Cyrus’ name bandied about on social media, tv and radio. Holy moly! 

I loved her as Hannah Montana and I am not ashamed to broadcast that. I enjoy her music now because I generally like pop music. And I find her interesting in a strange “like a car crash, can’t look away” type way.

It’s been entertaining listening to the back lash since “that twerking incident on MTV that people WILL NOT stop talking about”. So I’m jumping on the bandwagon 🙂

What a follower… 

The blog I’m about to link is kind of outrageous and a bit mountain out of a mole hilly, but I really enjoyed reading the comments. It’s quite fun to watch comment battles unfold online. Everyone has something to say and it’s gonna be a winner or it’s gonna go down like a cold cup of sick. I like to sit on the fence with just about everything so I’m not going to pass judgement on what Miss Cyrus did that fateful night. I just don’t care enough to.

Here is the blog that has many a head spinning:


Akarua Pinot Rose AKA the best Rose I ever drank

akarua pinotAkarua Pinot Rose AKA the best Rose I ever drank

Just got an email about the Akarua Pinot Rose release which is today! I was so excited I had to share it with you. I want a case but can’t quite justify the spend…

Most likely, it won’t be sent to the Bay of Plenty liquor stores (where I am) as there is only a small quantity of it. So I should really buy some. Just  a couple of bottles, no harm in that is there?

It’s like summer in a bottle, this stuff. Mmmmm, I can taste it now. I should buy some. I really should. Early Christmas present perhaps? Teehee!

There’s something in the air – Hockey night in Canada

If you know a Canadian, you will probably have heard them mention hockey once or twice. If they haven’t, they’re not authentic and you have cause to be very suspicious. To be more specific, “hockey” = ice hockey. Here in NZ we know hockey as field hockey so I want to be clear. The game I am referring to is a game played on ice, by feisty men who glide like ballerinas despite being covered from head to toe with padding. Men, burly in stature, armed with sticks, who crave blood and victory. It sends shivers up the spine!

Some of my fondest memories of being in Vancouver were the warm twilight times I spent walking home from work, feeling the electricity in the air when it was “hockey night in Canada”. The buses have it on their overhead destination signs, cars sport flags, a sea of blue and green shirts adorn the masses and if you work in hospitality (like I did), you KNOW it’s hockey night in Canada because you’re slammed just before the game starts and the phones are silent when they’re playing. If you’re not watching the game, or you are but you’re watching it on cable and someone else is watching it not on cable, you can hear the delayed yells of the fans, through the walls, the floors and from across the road, every time something major happens. The energy is infectious and it’s exciting!

There is a real sense of comradery and you can feel it. Unless the Canucks lose the Stanley Cup Final and then there’s riots… but that aside, it’s something special to be a part of.

I learned to appreciate the sport after being subjected to watching it in the early stages of being with Scott. I found it hard to follow because they moved too fast! I lost sight of the puck pretty much the whole time. I would find my mind wandering because I couldn’t concentrate on the game – I was getting dizzy trying to follow them. What just happened? Why did that guy just get sent off? Why are they fighting, are they allowed to do that? Why isn’t the ref doing anything? Woah! is that legal?! What is icing? Nope, it’s not something on a cake. There were too many questions and I was in danger of being on the verge of “annoying questions from the girlfriend when watching hockey”. Luckily, I kept my questions in check and any questions I did have, were answered politely (because he’s Canadian). We were early enough in the relationship that Scott probably didn’t want to piss me off by getting annoyed at me for being so sweet and innocent when it came to his favourite game 🙂 Plus he likes to know the answers to stuff.

I eventually began to concentrate on the game and tried my hardest to follow that little black circle as it darted back and forth. I started to really appreciate the level of skill these guys actually have in order to be able to switch direction at a moments notice, to keep an eye on that puck when I had no idea where it was half the time, to be covered in all that gear and still be able to glide gracefully like big bulky, sweaty, swans on water. And to get the puck past that giant, lithe goalie and several other players in front of that tiny net?! Pretty impressive stuff.

I may not know the rules, I have kind of forgotten what icing actually is and I still have to ask for clarification on the “power play“, but I really like watching it. It’s something Scott and I can do together and when it gets down to the nitty gritty games, it brings a really good bunch of pals together to yahoo, or commiserate, in unison.

If you’re Canadian, or you’ve been in Canada during the hockey season, you’ll know what I’m talking aboot. If you aren’t and you haven’t been to Canada you’ll never quite understand.

I leave you with this video which epitomizes the excitement and intensity that I’m trying to get across: