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Help! Short term accommodation for a quiet, clean and friendly couple required in Vancouver!

How to find short term, non scummy, self contained rental accommodation in North Vancouver? There are quite a few options but nothing that either fits the budget or the requirement. I’m reluctant to use craigslist until I can physically go and see any of the options and meet people in person due to the amount of scammers that use the site.

Reluctant also to move in with strangers who we may not gel with and then end up having to find another solution as well as getting used to being far, far away from family and friends. I like to cook so there needs to be a workable kitchen and if you live with people who are territorial, being in the kitchen a lot gets on peoples nerves. 

I just don’t want to potentially be rattling anybodies cage, so the self contained, keeping to ourselves with no body else but ourselves to worry about option is probably the best one.

We have friends but they live in shared houses or don’t have the room to put us up for as long as we might need. Which could be anywhere from two weeks to two months! 

We aren’t loaded so we can’t just splash our cash left, right and center, to get what we want.

And because we don’t know how long we’ll need the accommodation for, we can’t commit to anything definite.

Argh… putting it in the too hard basket for now as I get back to the emails piling up in my inbox. Yay Monday!Image


What I feel like doing most days…


So many reasons I love this video, mainly because it’s so clever. Bruno Mars is choice as and his songs are catchy. This one I find myself singing as I walk through the office when I don’t feel like working. Which is most days… 🙂

Enjoy xx

In need of a holiday



Ha! A year off?! Who has that kind of money!? People who didn’t take holidays probably… 😦

The view today at lunch

What did you look at while you ate lunch today?


A small reminder

As I’m buried in a pile of paper and clear files, I don’t have a lot of time to muse over the words of a well written (self proclaimed, of course) blog entry.

Instead, here is a phrase I often have to tell myself, especially after I’ve been to a hard Body Pump class or when I’ve not been to a class in a while…


Don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂