Just like Katy Perry, I want to go Raw – but quite a lot different. Not entirely raw because the thought of consuming a raw egg does not appeal to me in any way shape or form. Blerk. Cooked? Fine. Raw? No. But raw enough to be eating more fruits and veges in their non-cooked form and creating tasty snacks out of raw foods that aren’t necessarily just a piece of fruit, or a freshly peeled carrot. 

A visit to my naturopath today to sort out some of my digestive issues concluded in a general “eat more raw food” message. And not because she’s a dirty hippy who thinks anything cooked over 65 degrees is the devil, but because, from her professional health perspective, raw foods contain the enzymes our tummies need to help break down the food in the first place. I almost asked her if steaming was OK. I already knew the answer… sigh…. 

My tummy doesn’t produce those enzymes so well and needs a little help along. And because it doesn’t produce the enzymes so well, it can’t break down my food for me and so I get gassy (sexy!) and tired and then I get smelly and grumpy and that’s not nice for me or anyone else around me. I’m eating well and pretty balanced and I don’t consume a lot of processed foods but I’m not absorbing a lot of the goodness in my food because I can’t digest it properly to maximise the absorption process. Bad tummy.

So! Does anyone have any tasty raw food recipes they would like to share with me? Or a wonderful raw food blog that is helpful and awesome? I love salad. So a site completely dedicated to salads would be amaze-balls.

I once knew a girl who was on a raw food diet who looked SICK a lot of the time. Pretty sure she had taken it to the extreme and had become undernourished. I won’t go that far. I want to look healthy, but most of all I want to FEEL healthy. The looking healthy will just come as part of that. Surely.

Mostly I want recipes, I don’t so much need the tips on balance of vitamin and nutrient intake, or supplementing to avoid deficiencies – I’m proficient in deficiencies and have been given potions, powders and pills oh my! to combat and compliment the process. It’s more the food I want. Mmmm fooood.

Have you gone raw? Share! I know you want to 🙂


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