After a tense week at work, actually a couple of tense weeks… it was nice to read the wall in the photo of this post. For manic depressive people and the chemically unbalanced, it might be harder to choose to be happy, but for those who aren’t that way inclined, happiness IS a choice. There are people at my work who grumble and mumble all day long about how they hate their job and are over it but will continue to bog themselves down with unhappy thoughts because they think they have no other choice. You always have a choice. It might not always be the easiest but whichever choices make you feel happy – those are the right choices.
I like my job but I definitely don’t love it enough to want to make a career of it, plus I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel – that might make it easier for me to be happier about my situation here. Their unhappiness radiates through the office and you can feel it. Well, I can.
Don’t worry. Be happy!

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