The health store makes me so happy – bought lots of the goodies I’ve been meaning to get for a while, some to make this – which is deeeeelicious and helpful to “keep you moving” and I don’t mean moving as in like the dancing I did to this song by Fly My Pretties at 6am while I waited for the bus in the dark and cold. I’m talkin’ more about #2 type moving. Both are good kinds of moving, my dancing isn’t to be compared to the #2, just the goodness of doing that regularly. Although eating this bread might make you want to dance – does one really need an excuse to bop along to their fave song while waiting for a bus? Nay. I even threw my arms up in the air when the song really gets into it’s crescendo. I did tone it down a bit when cars passed, didn’t want to look too crazy at that time of day. 


I also picked up some of the missing ingredients from the chia porridge I plan to concoct – so far I have coconut milk, cinnamon, cardamom, almond milk and cacao. Will let you know how it turns out. And for dinner tonight THIS I pre-made the sauce last night while I soaked my lentils overnight. I haven’t made it before but the sauce tastes AMAAAAAAZING!!! Health is wealth 🙂 I will be all up in the blogosphere with photos of my abundance bowl attempt in my next post. 

It is safe to say that I love My New Roots – her, Sarah’s, recipes make me happy and she has a lovely, flowing, light hearted way of writing. Not sure if I ever posted on the “best lentil salad ever” but it surely deserved a post all of it’s own. Much, MUCH happy!


It’s not unusual for me to feel this happy, I have felt happy on a pretty regular basis for most of my life – but I do wonder where it stems from because I am a naturally analytical lass. I read something once about how people with the blood type A should just get up and go when they wake up and not sleep in, and I think, even though there is nothing worse to me than waking up to an alarm and navigating my way to the shower through bleary eyes and pre dawn darkness, if I do get up without snoozing, I seem to function a lot better. Maybe it’s the reason I had a spring in my step this afternoon.

Maybe it’s the kelp powder I bought to help with my sluggish thyroid or the Giovanni conditioner I’ve always wanted but just never purchased that’s making me happy?

It’s funny, I’m not very good at spending money on clothes or shoes (unless I really need or love them) but I can happily spend money, without guilt, on healthy, organic, well meaning treats for myself and my body. 

On my way home from the spending spree, I walked past a little cafe on the corner a couple of blocks away from our new dwelling and I can’t wait to go and try it: Andrews on 8th located on the corner of St Andrews and 8th in North Vancouver. Not a lot of cafe’s in these parts, making REAL coffee (or the coffee a Kiwi is used to anyway), so I’m looking forward to the discovering.



Well, it’s about time I put this computer down and head to my kitchen to concoct bread, bowls and breakfast. Sending my happy vibes out to you all xx

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