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What do people do after work?

Lately I am loving getting into my pjs STRAIGHT after I get home – I leave my bra on just to feel a little less schleppy. The outfit consists of pj pants (always wide leg, with some kind of kooky print (today is donuts) and hopefully with pockets), a comfy hoody and the singlet layer of the day. Plus slippers if I was wearing stockings that day.

It’s a habit I picked up when my body started to wither from whatever was happening to it (my latest thoughts are hypothyroidism) last time I was living in Vancouver. I was so tired ALL the time, even after a good night’s sleep. So when I would get home from work, at a job that was very low key and not stimulating whatsoever (which probably didn’t help the situation), I would go to my room, shed layers of work attire and don the pjs I loved so.

My friend Anna came to stay with us and witnessed my after work ritual and said she liked my style. I hadn’t thought of it as a style until it was mentioned. I just wanted to feel comfortable after a day of uncomfortably sitting in an office chair. God I HATE office chairs!!! I’m sure they make them uncomfortable on purpose so you don’t fall asleep as your boring office job! Like the seats in the cafes in Amsterdam; not one of them was comfortable enough for you to really lounge about and enjoy your experience. It was like sitting in a giant clog.

I like the pjs because it’s such a cosy, comfortable thing to do. And because I rarely venture out on a week night, why not put your pjs on as soon as you get home?? It does mean though, that if there is a reason to go out that it makes it that much harder to leave the house because I have to get out of my pjs. It’s a massive inconvenience.

I was thinking about how much I’m enjoying it now because my last day of a two month temp assignment (in the dullest job known to man – data entry in a finance company *insert exaggerated snore noises here*) is tomorrow and it has been a bit of a drain on me mentally. When I get home, I want to zone out. So come next Monday, when I have no job to go to and no real purpose for the week, I will be feeling like staying in my pjs but also feeling like I don’t deserve to be in them. Like I didn’t earn the right, or something. I do have a temp agency interview at 2pm that day so I will¬†have to get out of them at some stage – argh, the anxiety!

I always wonder what people do after work. I sometimes exercise (not in my pjs) and then shower, put on my pjs, get a snack of avocado and rice crackers then crank up the lap top to get on with the important task of a possible status update and some definite candy crushing. I know how to par-tay! I usually do this until it’s dinner time and I’m well and truly out of lives. I cook dinner, watch tv, play a couple more candy crush rounds and then get ready for bed.

What do you do? Are you a “go out every night to something different because life is too short to sit on the couch” kind of person? Or are you like me and after a long day of staring at a computer, you want to come home and stare at several other screens of your own volition, snuggled up in your pjs with snacks?¬†