Fudgey fudge fudge fudges fudgesicles YEAH!!

Here’s a picture of me and Scott eating some delicious dairy free, organic fudgesicles

Juuuuust kidding…

We had to eat the two test pots I made to see how they froze before I tried to liberate them from their molds.

Here’s a before picture for y’all

And the recipe is courtesy of The Creekside Cook

I HIGHLY recommend you make these. It’s almost spring like weather here in North Vancouver and it seemed appropriate. Imagine what they’d be like in summer!!

Ice cream kinda became a tradition in this household when I cleverly came up with “ice cream Sunday” because it sounds like ice cream sundae and that’s cute and also an excuse to eat ice cream every Sunday as a treat.

But I’m all lactose sensitive and they put shit in those ice creams that I can’t pronounce and don’t care for in general – you know, chemicals etc. So I hailed upon the mighty google to search for something alternative and voila!!

I chose organic coconut milk – especially important because the solids content in organic c-milk is much higher than the lesser quality options hence that creamy texture when frozen…mmmmm. Organic cacao, the honey was local and the salt Himalayan, also the vanilla was pure and totally worth the extra moolah. I let the mix sit for the half hour suggested while I coated a free range chicken with flavoury goodness (domestic goddess blah blah blah) aaaaand because it was lying around, I added a splash (two) of Kahlua. The mix tasted slightly alcoholic before I added the Kahlua and I was a bit unsure what the end product would be like. But rest assured: it’s DElicious!!

Definitely worth the effort (which is barely any at all (just the time for freezing) and extra cost of organic ingredients. Once you have the honey, vanilla and cacao all you need to purchase is the coconut milk. And everyone has salt. Except this one person I once heard a story about who had more money than sense and NO SALT!!

So, thank you Creekside Cook šŸ™‚ this is going to remain a staple in my house, fo sho.

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