What about me?!

Me: in my late 20’s, pursuing a career in the culinary arts, although that isn’t the theme of all my entries. Married with no children but living in hope of getting a cat soon; the first step to parenthood. I live in North Vancouver with my lovely husband. I’m a kiwi, he’s a Canadian. We live a pretty normal existence.

There’s no set theme here, just the every day inner workings of my mind for anyone to soak up.

I aim to be humurous, real and sometimes even helpful in my writing. So, if you’ve decided to follow me, I hope you can appreciate the random and tongue in cheek way that my thoughts meander.

Happy reading!

4 responses to “What about me?!

  1. thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow.. I don’t miss my facebook account at all.

  2. loving your views on ‘potatoes’…. had one for lunch yesterday at work as was ridiculously tired in the afternoon meeting, could have easily have fallen asleep!! so I will save them until dinnertime! thanks for your blog 🙂

    • Thank you Katie! Potatoes are a silent energy killer.
      Your comment has made me realise that this blog still exists! Thanks for reading and appreciating 🙂

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