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Requested topic: One thing in my life I haven’t mastered (and would like to)

Thanks to Paper and Lace, here is a small blog on the above topic:

Can I pick more than one thing? There are things about my personality I wish I could better: thinking too much, being less bitter and judgmental  being more accepting of others (to name a  few) – but as it’s hard to master a personality trait as such, maybe I’ll stick with something more tangible. My personality is a constant work in progress, as I’m sure we all are. Unless you’re perfect already – then well done! I’m probably not likely to be friends with you, you’re probably not likely to be reading this…

I digress.

The one thing in my life I haven’t mastered (and would like to) is: Cooking. I LOVE to cook. I love to cook for myself, I love to cook for others, I love to cook for the wider masses and for just my husband. I love to see a face scrunch up in delight and hear the sound of “mmmmmm” after a bite of something I cooked. I love the multi-tasking, the process, the instructions and the room for a touch of my input, seeing a bunch of things be made into one. I even secretly like the cleaning up – seeing something go from messy dirty to squeaky clean is a bit satisfying for me. 

I have worked in hospitality but wasn’t that into cooking, it’s slowly progressed into a passion in the last few years. I learned I was actually quite good at it and that sharing food with someone is heart warming and makes me feel wanted and included and fuzzy inside. And I’m not so great at the small talk, it makes me feel like I’m lying or something, so when I throw a dinner party it’s nice to have an excuse to not be talking to people because I’m busy in the kitchen. I like the company and the banter that happens around the table because it’s more comfortable, natural and genuine than the small talky portion of the evening. I skip that part by hiding in the kitchen and sending husband out to be hostess with the mostest.

I am a basic home cook, there are things I can do really well and favour mine over others I’ve tried, but I am not amazing. By no stretch of the imagination. I would like to be close to amazing but I know I need formal training. I can’t wait to have the sharpest of knives and an apron and a few different sized whisks. I look forward to confidently knowing all the different techniques of cutting and slicing and being able to do it with speed. I want to be able to make many kinds of sauces with the basic of knowledge. But most of all, I look forward to doing something for a living that I truly enjoy. I want to master the art of cooking in order to work for myself because at the end of the day, I am not a follower, I am a leader. I want to be my own boss and have a go at being accountable for everything. I want to at least try to successfully run a business.

I want to master cooking.