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Stop buying rinse aid for your dishwasher!!

You clean right? Like, there is a day within the month that you get shit done? Hopefully you clean a bit more often than once a month – not that I’m here to judge you. But, you know that satisfying feeling you get when all your laundry is washed and dried? Or the sense of happiness when the chaos that was your bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/entire house is functional and presentable once again? Well imagine having those feelings after just one load of dishes through the dishwasher. Stay with me…

I’m no Martha Stewart or bare bones living expert (I come pretty close though, on both accounts ;)) so I don’t wanna go about the place spouting about the wonders of things I know nothing about. BUT I am compelled to share with you, the amazing powers of….White vinegar! Or at least one of them. It will change your life.

Maybe not your whole life, that might be a stretch, but as far as cleaning products go (and the cost of them) a litre of white vinegar is cheap as chips and great for so many things. You can google them yourselves or you can click here.

The one thing I want to attest to in this post is how great it is in the dishwasher.

It’s been a long time since I lived in a house with a dishwasher so I’d never been able to try it out. I use white vinegar to clean my kitchen surfaces, diluted in hot water in the sink with a few drops of whichever essential oil I have close by (lavender, peppermint, any citrus oil) and I feel at ease knowing I’m not using any harsh chemicals and that there’ll be no “hospital clean” type smell afterwards. But I’d never been able to test out the “magical cleaning properties” it claims to have on glassware and utensils in the dishwasher.

Putting white vinegar in the rinse aid compartment (usually right beside your powder compartment) instead of buying those expensive, syrupy blue concoctions to put in is cost effective, brilliant and quite simply genuis!! I’m still kinda in awe about how shiny the glasses come out! They look new. NEW! I open my cupboards to get a clean glass and I’m like “when did I buy new glassware? No wait, that’s just because of the white vinegar. Hurrah!” They come out without that streaky look and squeaky feel that makes my teeth curl. As an added bonus, the dishwasher never has that dank smell that dirty dishes create when they sit for a bit too long while you wait to fill your dishwasher up. It’s like the entire appliance has been cleansed of any sins! I will claim this to be actually magical!

My clean dishes are now quite special and I urge you all to stop buying ridiculously priced rinse aids. White vinegar: it’s the way of the future. Put it on your shopping list. Off you go, get a pen… write it down… W H I T E V I N E G A R. Buy it in bulk! Stash it around the house! Well, maybe just in your kitchen. And one in the bathroom too. While you’re at it, you might as well. I’m just sayin’…