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I will NEVER like Radiohead

Never say never. I bloody love Radiohead when I’m feeling a bit “meh” and there are too many clouds in the sky. It suits my mood to listen to them and I find myself singing along and feeling all wrapped up in the melancholic meandering that it is.

I used to say I hated Radiohead. They depressed me. Thom Yorke was nothing spesh, not compared to the likes of Maynard James Keenan (lead singer of Tool) my favourite singer ever. I was 16. OK, maybe 19? I knew beautiful rock lead singer goodness when I heard it and no one was going to tell me any different. Not you, Tim I forget your last name, with your long hair and your tortured soul and your not so secret crush on your best mate’s bi-sexual girlfriend. You and your love of Dr Suess is not credible and this conversation is over.

In my mid 20s, I learned to love them. Today I feel a bit like there are too many clouds in the sky so who better to listen to than Radiohead? Surprisingly, it makes me feel better to listen to them. It used to make me feel SO depressed to hear even just the start of a song that wasn’t Creep. Because everyone likes Creep. It doesn’t even matter that it’s the most well known song from a band you “hate”. It’s good rock music etiquette to love that song.

Here is one of their bestest songs; such a good one to turn up really freakin’ loud and just wail along to…


Sky times

We live on an industrial road with a bunch of apartments plotted here and there, in between the industrial businesses. So, it’s not super picturesque BUT we do have a view of the surrounding mountains from our second storey apartment.

The sky in the mornings lately has been gorgeous! Hues of oranges and firey reds and some amazing pinks and blues. Although they say “red sky in the morning, shepherds warning” it isn’t always true in Queenstown. I’m up at 6.30am (for work) so I get to see some amaaaazing sunsets, which I take for granted.

Today has been raining more than it’s rained the entire time I’ve lived in Queenstown but the clouds broke about 15mins ago and I took this photo:


The clouds are coming back in now, probably to rain some more. I shouldn’t complain – the weather has looked like the below photo most of the time I’ve been here:


I’ll leave you now with a few more photos of the sky at dusk from the balcony of our apartment, a toi toi bush on a walk in the middle of winter looking towards Queenstown from Kelvin Heights and¬†finally, three shots of a sunrise two weekends ago that was very pastelly and pretty and I had trouble choosing just one…