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Things up coming

As I drink my #6 strength Nespresso coffee and wait for my hot muesli to cool down, I procrastinate doing my work by listening to music on You Tube. I always listen to  “you tube mix” because I am terrible at thinking of music to listen to. I always seem to default to Deftones or Fleetwood Mac. Anyway, during an earlier play list, the start of my songs were interrupted by ads of the new movie “The Great Gatsby” which I really want to see! The trailer gets me every time and you really can’t go wrong with Leo. To be honest, I didn’t actually know who or what the GG was so I googled, naturally. Wikipedia told me it was a book – which I feel like I kind of knew – and that it was about a guy who becomes intrigued with his lavish neighbour; Set in the 20’s I think, on Long Island and with undertones of being cautious of the American dream. It all sounded good to me! And I love going to the movies. It’s crazy pricey these days here in NZ – movies come out so quick you might as well buy a big screen tele and wait for it to come out on DVD – but the movies are neat. Especially in tiny boutique cinemas. Those are the best.

So, this is an upcoming movie. Something to look forward to. It got me thinking of other upcoming things. I shall share, in no particular order:

  • moving out of our flat on Saturday – we were politely asked to leave. Now, I know that sharing that is not painting me and husband in the greatest light. But in our defence, we are an old married couple (ripe old late 20s old) and don’t drink to excess 2+ nights a week anymore, we are quiet and considerate and we likes what we likes. We are not uptight, stuffy or prudish. We go out, we socialise, we even drink and do naughty things on the odd occasion, with people we choose to be around. This conflicts with the current flatties who like to drink, in excess, make noise in the wee hours (including those of the sesual nature…with their DOOR OPEN!! ok, so that was only once, so far, but still… gross) and just be single in general. So yeah, they said a couple had “changed the dynamic” and it wasn’t working. Fair enough, we were only there because it’s cheap. I was a bit devastated as being asked to leave an abode is never the nicest, but it was all amicable and polite etc. We have found a place with a friends ma just a couple blocks that way and we look forward to the uninterrupted small hours of the morn and general peace and quiet.
  • What else, oh yes, above mentioned friend’s birthday this Friday – an excuse to drink in excess and prove current flatmates wrong. Even though they won’t be there to see it, I can, and will, party with the best of them. I’ll be in bed by at least midnight. Rock on!
  • The Banff Mountain Film Festival in Hamiltron, city of the future – 29th June. We went last year and it was AWESOME. Real life, amateur, outdoor films made by really amazing people, not the usual rental from United Video. And by the way, when you DO want to rent such a film – where the bloody hell do you get it? DVD stores these days have a real lack in outdoor amateur films. Is this a niche market? Do I need to learn to be geekier to find and illegally download stuff online?
  • Man, this coffee is good…
  • What else, what else…? Finding out whether Scotty can stay in NZ – only 17 more days til his current visa runs out. Ooooh last minute much? I guess I don’t really look forward to finding out as such, only if the news is good – then yes, very much looking forward to that. If it’s bad, then not looking forward to sending him back to Canada. How can they not let him stay? If you read this and you work for NZ immigration and you’re processing my husband’s application – take into consideration that only a crazy person would go to the lengths of setting up a blog to write about her life and constantly mention her husband to convince immigration that he was really her husband because one day he might put in an application to stay in the country. I am not that person. Crazy yes. Dumb? No. He is real, he really needs to stay so I don’t spend the next five months a bit empty. 
  • My sister having a baby. She is SO pregnant! She lives in Melbourne so I only saw her at the start of the year when she had a barely pregnant belly. She pops out the sprog at the beginning of July and I wlll be an Aunty for the first time. Not much of a baby person, but then when it’s family, I guess it’s different. And by the time I can visit, the little one will be less of a squiggly, mini deer in the headlights and much more enjoyable to be around. Now to find a present…

That’s all I can think of right now. As an after thought, do you like the way these blog entries end up just being about nothing really? To me it seems it’s only a useful blog if you know me in real life  and maybe want to keep up to date with my off the cuff persona. I’d like to know what you are up to, even if I don’t know you in real life. Tell me. 

Friday: 21st September, 2012. Temp: 6 degress C and climbing. Weather: fine.

Today’s three beverages: Cold water, hot water, coffee. I like to alternate depending on what my taste buds tell me to do. All three on the go at once. It’s a strange habit I’ve picked up over the last year or so. I like it.

I had a pretty tasty night’s sleep last night but still remain tired. So I’ve made a coffee; a large one. With a smidgen of sugar (even though I was cutting it out). And, since inactivity can be a contributor to tiredness, I just did 50 star jumps. Sure, I was looked at funny by my colleagues, but do they want a tired grumpy Jenna or an energised, slightly nutty Jenna?

And and AND…It’s FRIDAY!!! God, how I LOVE Friday. Even though I still have to work, I know that at the end of the day I have two days of sleep in’s, relaxation and ME time. Or us time… I should take Scott into consideration. We don’t have a whole lot planned for the weekend – some shoe shopping (for him), car hunting, catching up with Scott’s dad in Canada via Skype and maybe a cheap lunch at a pub in town on Sunday. I’ll consider some yoga and a cleaning blitz of the apartment before looking after my favourite two year old: master Jack, while his mummy works on her tan ready for her wedding in Samoa next month.

The weather is meant to be stunning so I’ll enjoy a bike ride as well at some point.

Oh weekends…I wish you were much, much longer.

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m sharing this picture because it makes me smile every time I look at it.


Dirty little secrets

Does anyone else enjoy the rings the coffee cup leaves on their desk? Or the way it drips down the side of the cup and leaves a little trail? I do. I really do. I know it’s a little bit grubby but it adds character to my rain cloud coloured desk and the stark white “run of the mill” coffee mug that work provides. It adds something uncaring to my workspace. As it is, I don’t really give two hoots about my job – I’m purely here for the money until my imminent escape – and therefore, I don’t really care about my work space all that much.

But I think, even if I did love my job, I would still enjoy the coffee rings that form a contemporary version of the Olympic rings in the bottom left corner of my desk. Drinking a coffee in the morning is a habit I’ve only just picked up in the last few months. I don’t do very well on caffeine as it is but I enjoy the kick it gives on the odd day. In turn, this kick, makes me a bit frantic and it’s like the dribbles and the rings are reflections of my frantic-ness. Like I don’t have time to be bothered with that little drip that my lip leaves on the cup, or the rings that form on the desk as a result of my frantic, carefree coffee induced attitude. It makes me appear busier. To who? Well, really only just me. It’s a character I like to imagine myself being: busy and important rather than a human computer and all round pleb.

These dirty little rings have become my friend. They comfort me and there is something rebellious and cheeky about their presence. Oh yes, I am living life on the edge, my friend.

We all have little habits, or better: “isms” like this. So, what’s your “ism”? What’s your dirty little secret?