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you may have noticed…

I have not posted in a while – sorry! I have started a side line project to map my cave man eating ways so I think my energy has gone more into that than on good old day to day blogging. So, here’s a story – inspired by a sight I’ve been seeing in the sky in the mornings…

Once upon a time, I lived with my sister and her boyfriend in a massive house in West Auckland, he had a German Shepherd named Jake. One morning I lay dozing in bed after a long shift at Hell Pizza, making tasty slices for the masses the night before when suddenly I was awoken from my slumber by incessant barking. What was that bloody dog barking at so intently?! 

I flopped myself out of bed to go and yell at Jake to shut the f*@k up – didn’t he realise I was sleeping?! I pounded down the carpeted stairs and through the kitchen, out to where Jake hung out on the back deck. There he was barking his head off like a mad thing. I growled him a little for being so loud and got him to sit down and be quiet.

Happy with my authoritative ways, I sent myself back to sleep for some much needed shut eye. Back in bed, all tucked up, warm, cosy… but then… more barking!! 

Threw myself out of bed again to do more yelling at the dog, this time I put him in his kennel and scalded him for stealing precious sleep hours from me. He looked sorry, but I don’t think he was. Before I could even get back in the sliding door, closer to warmth and restfulness, he was at it again! 

So, like a sleep deprived mental case, I start asking him “what are you barking at?!” Jake, of course, didn’t answer me but just kept barking and jumping back and forth. I would make a terrible friend for any rescue dog because I cannot speak dog. 

He wouldn’t stop barking so I just gave up and went back inside.

Back up to bed, Jake still barking, me grumbling about sleeplessness and something about dogs being stupid. Maybe he was barking at something? Maybe he knew something I didn’t? Maybe I should go back down there and say sorry for yelling at him?

Giving up, going back down there to be nice to him so he likes me again and as I step out of the sliding door, the sun is blinding me and Jake is still barking…I look up and right there, high up in the sky is a hot air balloon. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He was barking maniacally at a hot air balloon! I guess it’s not every day a dog sees a hot air balloon! Naturally you’d get excited. Wouldn’t you? I have been every morning when I see the resident rainbow ‘loon hanging from the quiet and still, blue morning sky. The sun is not fully up but it’s light enough for anyone up that high to be having a surreal morning experience.

Photos were taken two days ago but the balloon is so far up that my camera doesn’t do it justice. I took another one today and will post it later on.