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weekend roundup

I get slightly horrified when no-one has viewed my blog on any given day. I thank those of you who follow and actually do read the posts – you are choice! I had one view yesterday and none so far today, last week also saw a couple of zero view days. I know this is because I don’t post on those days mainly or perhaps I just don’t tag well. Or I’m just plain boring and no one reads because no one cares. That’s not the case, I just know it. My self esteem is high enough to know it’s not me. It’s you – whoever you aren’t, not reading my blog and what not…how dare you!? Don’t you know who I think I am? 😉

Anyway…this weekend’s events went as follows:


  • a mega sleep in (until 11.15am), a sunny day complete with snow, yes, snow. In spring?! I know!! I don’t think the snow knows it’s spring…
  • a few episodes of Sex and the city with a smoothie to accompany
  • mammoth exercise session incl 40mins of biking and an hour with the dog we were babysitting
  • some scratches and pats with Meow Meow (the cat we were babysitting)
  • home for a shower and late lunch: seafood chowder – not at the same time. Nice to have a real chowder after an AWFUL experience at a shitty cafe/restaurant a couple of weeks ago in town that knows it’ll get the foot traffic so it doesn’t give a shit what it dishes up. SO awful, I was very disappointed and told them so without a response…yet. How could any place be proud to be a food establishment when you’re serving up shitty chowder?! HOW?! Shame. On. You. I’ll name them in the hope they are shamed: Tatler.  I really could dedicate a whole post to what I think about paying for food vs an excellent experience…another time maybe.
  • Mr Jenna got home at just after five and it was a fidgety/hungry wait until our gondola ride to the awesome buffet up the hill in town. So I watched more Sex and the city – series 2. I’ve watched all the seasons about 10 times. I love it!
  • Scott ate WAAAAAAAAY too much at the buffet. So much so, that he could barely move to get back in the gondola, or into the car, or out of the car and into the house. I ate an ample amount but could’ve still taken some cheese board home with me…I refrained. Sadly.
  • “Be sleepy” teas, a Quick-eze (antacid) for Scott – which he mistook for a “quickie” and was like “Jenna, I don’t think it’s a good time” hehe. No dear, something for your tummy…mind in the gutter. And then sleep.


  • Smaller sleep in
  • Got up at 10am to watch the “Home and Away” omnibus but, to my disgust, there was only motor sport for the next EIGHT hours!!! Isn’t there a sports channel this kind of carry on can be broadcast on? I missed out on H&A for Christ’s sake! Not good enough TV3. Boooooo…
  • Had to watch more SATC while sunning myself on the deck as Scott watched baseball playoffs on tv.
  • Talked to Scott’s mum on skype and “met” her partners two girls
  • Fish and chips by the lake with Sprite
  • Supermarket, fed animals, set up surprise for newly-wed couple we’d been babysitting animals for
  • Home to chill out before cooking Scott Thanksgiving dinner since he was missing out on it back home. Had to improvise a little due to the absence of turkey, brussell sprouts and pumpkin pie. Tegel chicken in a bag – you are my hero.
  • Apple turnovers for dessert
  • Bed.

The end.

How was your weekend? Can you detail it for me with bullet points and bold headings, please? I’d like that 🙂

My truth about cats and dogs

I am a cat fan. I am also a dog fan. But the type of dog, the size and the length of it’s hair kind of needs to be perfect before I can fully allow myself to become enamoured with them. I can’t stand little dogs and my sensitive sense of smell makes me cringe when I’m too close to a smelly one. In saying this, I have grown more fond/tolerant of dogs over the years. I will probably always be more of a cat person though.

My sisters and I grew up with both animals around but the cats were allowed inside and on my bed and they had kittens (cuuuuute!) and were generally pretty cool pets. Whereas, the dogs were working farm dogs and stayed in a kennel or tied up until dad needed them. So they had WAY too much energy and if you went near them, they’d jump up on you and lick you and when you’re only a couple of feet tall, that’s scary. You carry that with you…I did anyway.

It probably helps that mum LOVES cats too. They’re like her other children. Treated nicer than we were when we were in trouble – she would’ve just finished yelling at us and we’d be crying and a cat would walk past and it’d get picked up and smothered with love. She now has an invisible beacon above her door that attracts whatever cat happened to stray or be abandoned from it’s previous home.

Each pet has a personality, as any owner will tell you, and this weekend Scott was browsing a website he checks regularly for facts and funnies and everything in between and he saw this:

Seeing a cat with such a whacky “personality”, you’ve got to wonder if there’s something to this re-incarnation business! Was this cat an actor in a previous life? An impersonator? Or maybe even a dog!? Whatever it may have been, it’s a pretty funny cat!