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Today’s 3 bevvies

Gingerbeer – stolen from the work fridge, meant for the ones who do not drink on Friday afternoons. teeheehee!

Pumpkin soup – technically not a drink and if it’s my pumpkin soup, unable to be drank due to it’s thick and creamy texture. mmmmm

Echinacea and Raspberry tea – for the sickness. I am not down with the sickness…yet.


Hi! How’ve you been?!

It’s been…almost three months since I last posted. I was unemployed, I got married (again…to the same man…), I was unemployed, I moved closer to my family and friends, my sister is pregnant, I was unemployed. Mostly I was unemployed. Then I got a job and I moved out of “home” aka my sister’s house. This new job will see me needing to kill a bit of time. So what better to start off the next series of blogs at work with today’s three beverages:

Echinacea and Raspberry tea – because my nose is a bit stuffy and people seem to be getting sick. I blame the change in temperature. Getting chillier… nooo winter…noooo!!!

Black coffee with a little bit of hot choc powder – because we have one of those Nespresso machines at my new job and it’s fun to use. I don’t really need the coffee (or the hot choc powder) but it’s novel.

Water – because it’s water and I LOVE it.

side note: Is it too late to say Happy New Year?