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Words with friends

I love playing Scrabble. I have since I was maybe about seven years old because my Grandma is an English teacher and taught us to play when we were very little to while away the hours at the beach house or whenever we came to stay. Me and my sisters learned at about the same age as well as my three cousins when they were ripe for the scrabble pickin’.

We didn’t learn on a board though, we learned a game called “speed scrabble”. Which, I’m pretty sure, only people who know me or my extended family are aware of the rules of this game because every time I mentioned it to others a puzzled look fell across their face. Here I was thinking everyone knew about it because it was SO awesome. Who doesn’t love playing word games with their grandparents?

In a nutshell, you use about two sets of scrabble tiles, turn them all face down, scramble them up, each take seven tiles, turn them over at the same time and then make your own little scrabble puzzle from the letters you have. The first person to have all their tiles in a puzzle (with real, legitimate words) gets to scream “take two” and then everyone, regardless of whether all their tiles have been used up, has to grab two more tiles and fit them into the puzzle. This continues until all the tiles in the middle are gone and someone has won. BUT just because that person was the one to get all the tiles in the fastest, doesn’t mean they have won. Ooooh twist!

The score is calculated by counting the tile amounts up/down and across. And any letter used twice is counted twice. Highest score wins. It takes a little while to get used to the counting up. Or maybe it was harder when I was seven…20 years on, I will admit I still have trouble – the counting really needs to be done silently or you just put each other off. It’s just speed scrabble common courtesy.

There are tactics for how to get all your tiles in quickly, how to get the highest score etc and it’s, hands down, one of the funnest* games IN THE WORLD.

I play it with my grandparents every time I see them and have taught it to a couple of others who were willing to try and beat me. I’m pretty fast.

Anyway, the reason I’m talking about Scrabble is because since I’ve left TSTSNBN, I miss playing me a bit of Scrabble in my spare time. It was the thing I enjoyed most about being on there.

I just looked it up on-line and the only way I can play it, is if I have Facebook, an android phone or some other smarty pants device. Bummer.

I do have an iPhone; the one dinosaurs used back in the day. And it works fine, it just isn’t connected to a NZ network yet. I have to unlock it and this involves paying money I don’t really have, (especially when my non smart phone works just fine minus the app incapability), going to the post office to post it and then waiting for it’s return. But then I have to go and get a new sim card from a different provider because they have a better date plan in order for me to entertain such fun activities and oi…

Living in Queenstown means there aren’t a hub of techy shops that will just do this for me on the spot and sell me the required sim card I need afterwards. So I’ve been putting it off.

This might be the push I need to get it up and running. I heart Words With Friends.

*word not acceptable in Scrabble, Words with Friends, Speed Scrabble or any other wordy type game.

So, you decided to de-activate your Facebook account…

Good for you! I did too.

Yup, I did it. I turned it off. I de-activated. I erased myself from cyber space. Except for this blog. And my email. And Pinterest. And Trade Me. And many other social type networky sites. (Aren’t they all social websites now anyway?)

But mainly Facebook which is really the most time consuming, hour erasing, highest rate of BRRSI inducing sites of them all. That last one stands for “Bejeweled Related Repetitive Strain Injury”. If you don’t know what Bejeweled is, be thankful. I too, didn’t know once.

Deleting Bejeweled was the stepping stone towards de-activation of the site that shall not be named. First I was like “I spend too much time on this, I am unproductive at work, my husband gets a little mad when I play it at home and therefore, pay less attention to him. So I should just get rid of it”. I don’t think husband cared that much – afterall, he spends his time playing baseball on ye olde smartphone.

After Bejeweled was gone, I started deleting other apps! And before I knew it a discussion on a friends page had ensued, regarding how much of a time waster Facebook is and I thought “I’ll take a stand! I’ll delete Facebook from my life!”

It’s only been a couple of hours but I feel good. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Or am I? AM I? I could just check TSTSNBN… Oh, wait. I can’t. I mustn’t.

They make it SO easy to get back on. You just log back in. Simple. Same username, same password. BOOM!

Things I will miss about the F book:

  1. Posting photos – because I’m really awesome at taking the same digitally mundane photos as the next person and everyone should see them. Oooh, those mountains. Oooh, that pout.
  2. Posting witty/funny/emotive/wordly/pointless status update. I actually will miss this. It was my thing (so unique)
  3. Sharing the Katy Perry video I just watched on YouTube – as a joke. Of course. pfft.
  4. Knowing what you are doing or not doing or going to do or have just done and with whom
  5. Playing Scrabble

Things I will not miss about F book:

  1. All of the above

I don’t know how long this will last. It’ll either be until I realise no one noticed I had gone so I’ll be forced to make a “come back” ultimately bringing me MORE attention than I got when I was on there. Or, until I start to feel the FOMO and it blankets me like a big dark cloud that has no friends and I can no longer add to my conversations “oh really, you didn’t know? I did, I saw it on Facebook”. Always such a reliable source. To be clear, I left because it was a massive time waster and I had wondered for a while if I could do it. It was not to see how many people would miss me or beg me to come back or build “Please bring Jenna back to Facebook with 10,000 likes” pages. I know they will.

Zac Efron doesn’t have Facebook and neither does my friend Melissa and also my mum. And they’re all ok. Well, two thirds of them are OK.

I’ll be OK too.