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run for fun (if not for anything else)

There’s a fun run tomorrow that I just heard about. I’m not usually a runner. I can run, I do run, but I’m not like “yeah! running! woo! let’s ALL do it! keeps us fit and young and virile and woo! running!” But this is a fun run. If they put the word “fun” in front of anything, I’m likely to want to do it.

There is a 5km, a 10km and a half marathon. It’s part of the front runner series that runs all through winter and wraps up end of November. There’s $30,000 worth of spot prizes and about 450 entrants, on average. Pretty good odds for winning a neat spot prize. Almost worth it to go huff and puff in the sun for a half hour or so.

I haven’t been running for a few weeks now. However, I have been biking regularly, doing yoga and the other day I did some aerobics (80s I know, but I loved it!) I’m not so unfit that I couldn’t attempt a fun run. It also has the option to walk. I think I’ll mix it up, live dangerous like; run AND walk. Ooooh…such a dare devil.

BUT, and there’s always a but…I won’t have access to a car tomorrow as Scott takes it to work. In order to get to the race starting point I might have to hitch. If I rode my bike there,I’d be buggered by the time I arrived and too tired to run. So, it’s my excuse not to do it. It’s the only excuse. Is it a good enough excuse? This was only ever going to be a spontaneous thing – I literally only heard about it 20 minutes ago. It’s not like I’d been planning to do it for weeks and had been all organised and trained and bought new shoes and a new sports bra and was telling everyone I’d do it. Apart from me writing about it now, there’s been no build up.

Do I just dismiss it and not go? Or do I ask Scott if he’ll bike to work tomorrow so I can take the car and do myself a wee fun run? Hopefully he’ll read this today and tell me to take the car before I chicken out of asking. Not because he’s scary and he’d say no, but because the easy option is to not ask as if the fun run never existed along with the idea to do it.

I always think far too much about doing things to the point that I’ve thought about it so much in my head that it’s kind of like I’ve done it already and don’t actually need to do it. I’d feel quite good if I did do it. But would I feel bad enough if I didn’t do it? Probably not…

Hmmm…to run or not to fun?

Chair dancing weirdos – a work place up and coming trend

Danceipedia* offered the following definition of “chair dancing”: a funny looking shuffling/bopping/head shaking/side to side/arms out to the side and wiggle the torso to music type dancing. This type of dance, although unique, can be found in offices throughout the world. Mainly a past time of the “work place weirdo” or “office oddball”, chair dancing has been around for a number of years. The origin of this dance is unknown and can not be traced back, or connected to, any other form of dance genre. It is frowned upon in larger corporate organisations as it is often seen as non-conformative and socially unacceptable behaviour.

I am a self confessed chair dancer. I could almost just be classed as one by default finding that, more often than not, I am the office oddball AND work place weirdo. But in a good way, of course 🙂 I’m the office weirdo you like. You don’t want to at first because I seem a little bit strange, but you warm to me. I grow on you “like a fungus” a friend of mine once said.

Generally, I find there are not as many outwardly strange people in the workplace as there are “normal” people. Me and my fellow chair dancing compadres – because I know you are out there – are frowned upon by the masses because we are “different”, we don’t fit into the “norm” of any other typically corporate mould. We receive nervous laughs because people aren’t sure how to react to the out of the ordinary behaviour we display. Behaviour such as: having fun, laughing, enjoying the day despite the mundane tasks we are set and, of course, chair dancing. We are not meant for offices but somehow we keep ending up there because we need money to fund our outside hobbies: yoga, expensive organic foods like chia seeds and hemp milk, our natural skin care products and essential oils, as well as our ever growing collection of beads. There are not enough wind chime/crystal/incense/sarong/harem pants retailers to house us all.

I don’t really fit into that category to a tee, but it’s fairly close – beads annoy me unless made into a necklace (not by me, if I was that creative I wouldn’t have to work in an office!) and sarongs aren’t my style. I’ve also never tried chia seeds or hemp milk – but I want to. Mainly the yoga, skin products and oils thing was me. I didn’t want to limit the category and mislead people into thinking it was just hippies that were the weird ones in offices. Most hippies don’t even work in offices – they work in those retail shops. Or travel in packs with friends and extended families as “gypsies”. Or they sell pot out of the van they live in that they park outside your house when they stay so they can use your shower. They pay in pot though, so they’re OK. Not for me…for my flat mate. I don’t rub shoulders with such types. Much. I’ve gotten very sidetracked here……

I hope that chair dancing won’t be as abstract in the coming years as corporate workplaces become looser and more “un-PC” in an attempt to up productivity. Bringing dogs to work is OK, having a slide in your office is OK (thanks Google), the swiss ball has become common-place, in-house massage therapists once a month, blow up palm trees and foozball tables to create “a more relaxed space” are OK. Chair dancing is next. I can feel it in my chair dancing bones. Along with your orientation to a new work place, there’ll be a demo on how to chair dance correctly to maximise fun had while sitting at a desk. It’ll be alongside “how not to get RSI” in the workplace health and safety section of orientation It won’t be a “culture” introduced by some cooler office workplace. No, it’ll be mandatory. This is a world I want to live in. I’ll continue the campaign by displaying it at every opportunity and encouraging others to try. Can we chair dance? Yes, we can.

*imaginary website for dance genre background information. Trademarked**

**not actually trademarked

A toast to summer – may you come quicker than you did last year

The weekend saw me catching up with some very good friends and sampling some alcoholic delights over laughs and shared memories.

I enjoy being well hydrated so I usually have about three different beverages close to me if I’m at home doing nothing, or at work (writing my blog). Those beverages usually consist of: water, herbal tea and a coffee that’s gone a little cold. Or if I’m drinking wine it’s: water, wine and herbal tea.

This weekend I actually slacked on the water drinking as it was taken over by the next three yummy, “I wish it was summer” beverages (in no particular order):

First: Mt Difficulty Pinot Gris (I feel like I’ve talked about this before?)

It’s fresh and fruity but not too sweet like my usual choice, Sauvignon Blanc’s, tend to be. I find them sharp and punchy compared to the quiet, understated characteristics of the Pinot Gris’ I’ve been sampling of late.


Second: Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer

As a kid my dad brewed ginger beer in the garage and we got “disciplined” with the long plastic spoon he’d stir his brews with. You’d think this would’ve scarred me but it didn’t. Thank god! Because I LOVE ginger beer. The favourite has to be Pheonix Organics Ginger Beer as it tastes the closest to dad’s brew. So you can only imagine my delight at the discovery of an adult version of a ginger beer! oooohhhh….aahhhhhhh….


Third: Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime Cider

I first sampled this “party in your mouth” beverage in London’s 2010 summer. It was served over a mountain of ice, in a tall glass with muddled mint, a couple of slices of strawberry and a wedge of lime squeezed in. It’s amazingly refreshing, not overly sweet or sickening. Right now in NZ, cider is making a surge in popularity thanks to the likes of the apple and pear ciders that have become readily available from old faithful’s: Mac’s and Monteith’s as well as Old Mout Cider. I predict this’ll be summers next hottest thing; cider is the new body-con cut out swimsuit.

It’s as cool as cider on a hot day (yeah, I went there): http://www.rekorderlig.com/nz/#/flavours/
STOP THE PRESS!!! This just in: as I was looking for the above picture, I discovered you can make strawberry and lime cider CUPCAKES!!! *drool*

Recipe HERE

Here’s to the countdown to summer, weekends with good friends and trying new things to drink during both – cheers, good health, salute, prost!

Words with friends

I love playing Scrabble. I have since I was maybe about seven years old because my Grandma is an English teacher and taught us to play when we were very little to while away the hours at the beach house or whenever we came to stay. Me and my sisters learned at about the same age as well as my three cousins when they were ripe for the scrabble pickin’.

We didn’t learn on a board though, we learned a game called “speed scrabble”. Which, I’m pretty sure, only people who know me or my extended family are aware of the rules of this game because every time I mentioned it to others a puzzled look fell across their face. Here I was thinking everyone knew about it because it was SO awesome. Who doesn’t love playing word games with their grandparents?

In a nutshell, you use about two sets of scrabble tiles, turn them all face down, scramble them up, each take seven tiles, turn them over at the same time and then make your own little scrabble puzzle from the letters you have. The first person to have all their tiles in a puzzle (with real, legitimate words) gets to scream “take two” and then everyone, regardless of whether all their tiles have been used up, has to grab two more tiles and fit them into the puzzle. This continues until all the tiles in the middle are gone and someone has won. BUT just because that person was the one to get all the tiles in the fastest, doesn’t mean they have won. Ooooh twist!

The score is calculated by counting the tile amounts up/down and across. And any letter used twice is counted twice. Highest score wins. It takes a little while to get used to the counting up. Or maybe it was harder when I was seven…20 years on, I will admit I still have trouble – the counting really needs to be done silently or you just put each other off. It’s just speed scrabble common courtesy.

There are tactics for how to get all your tiles in quickly, how to get the highest score etc and it’s, hands down, one of the funnest* games IN THE WORLD.

I play it with my grandparents every time I see them and have taught it to a couple of others who were willing to try and beat me. I’m pretty fast.

Anyway, the reason I’m talking about Scrabble is because since I’ve left TSTSNBN, I miss playing me a bit of Scrabble in my spare time. It was the thing I enjoyed most about being on there.

I just looked it up on-line and the only way I can play it, is if I have Facebook, an android phone or some other smarty pants device. Bummer.

I do have an iPhone; the one dinosaurs used back in the day. And it works fine, it just isn’t connected to a NZ network yet. I have to unlock it and this involves paying money I don’t really have, (especially when my non smart phone works just fine minus the app incapability), going to the post office to post it and then waiting for it’s return. But then I have to go and get a new sim card from a different provider because they have a better date plan in order for me to entertain such fun activities and oi…

Living in Queenstown means there aren’t a hub of techy shops that will just do this for me on the spot and sell me the required sim card I need afterwards. So I’ve been putting it off.

This might be the push I need to get it up and running. I heart Words With Friends.

*word not acceptable in Scrabble, Words with Friends, Speed Scrabble or any other wordy type game.