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It’s funny how in our mind’s eye we look a certain way, but then when we look in a mirror, it all seems completely skewed. Surely I look better than that?! I did when I left the house… bad lighting. Always blame bad lighting.

I blow dried my hair this morning (because it’s chilly and I don’t want to catch a death by waltzing around with a head of wet hair) and when I move my head it bounces a little. In my head I feel like my hair looks a little bit like this:


When, in fact, it probably resembles something more along the lines of this…


Logically, I know I don’t look like either of these slightly exaggerated images (I’m not a cartoon, or in my early fifties) but in my head I perceive that’s how I probably do look. Actually, that’s not really true either – in my head I have images of people that look more like me and not well known actresses or cartoon drawings – Google can only do so much.

I really have no point here. I’m sorry you got this far to get to absolutely no kind of conclusion. This is how my mind works; I make no apologies. Except for that one I just made…

As a peace offering for leading you astray, I offer you an audio gift. Here’s what I be listening to right now – funk for my Friday. Woo! Enjoy 🙂