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I’m going to be quite bold by putting this out there but I’m pretty sure that Pantone is the new black. According to their website, they are a “world renowned authority” when it comes to colour. If there is a special badge for authority on colour, Pantone have it. It’s world renowned. You should already know this!

Might sound a bit oxymoronish to have “Pantone” and “Black” in the same sentence being that Pantone is the modern day God of Colour. I wonder what the ancient Greek name for that would be? Pantonius. Pantonus. Pantonethium. That last one sounds like a hallucinogenic.

I’ve seen the word Pantone pop up in lots of places really recently: In the new little quirky bits and pieces store down the road from work – they have Pantone chairs. Actually, Pantone chairs is mostly where I have seen Pantone…

If you say Pantone too many times it starts to sound strange. I digress.

Pantone nail polish colours, Pantone in fashion – “this coming fall Pantone says that blah blah blah colour will be hot” stuff like that.

I’m not a very fashionable or trendy person – you should SEE the outfit I’m wearing at work today, it’s like a 50yr old single librarian (who is not hot) meets grandma with a cold – it’s not anything to blog about…on a regular basis/enough to warrant a following…so to be seeing Pantone being bandied about everywhere makes me think they’re probably a big deal. Pinterest is one place where you will see an abundance of Pantone related stuff.

Why am I talking about Pantone? Because I saw a nail polish on the Sephora website and it sparked me off on this tangent. Here’s the polish. 

pantone green

I want this. I want it on my finger nails and on my toe nails and anywhere else I could imagine to put nail polish. But mostly just on those two first places I just mentioned.


Touch the rainbow, taste the rainbow

“the thing I like most about skittles is that the green ones are not lime”

– Me @ 2:37pm, 22/08/2013