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run for fun – update

For those of you who care – I did the run!!! I got up and I thought twice about it. I slept in longer than I should, I dilly dallied and thought the little bit of rain outside would be a good excuse not to do it. But I grew a pair, hopped into the car, registered and ran!

I even won a spot prize. A sports bag from a bank that is merging with another bank and will no longer exisit. But still, a prize 🙂

My time for the 5km run (which included a couple of up-hill battles) was around 36mins. I walked the hills because I’m not a machine! After the first km I thought “F*@K me, I have four more of these to go?!” groooan… and “oh look, a ruddy great hill!” groooooooan! But by the 3km mark I realised I was over half way and I hadn’t died and I could actually do this! I hit my stride, the sun came out and I ran all the way to the finish line.

I was SO proud of myself for doing it. I’ve run 5kms before, but always on a treadmill. And back when I was much fitter and younger. Yay me! 😀