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no cookies and a bed base

cookie delete

3.55pm РConsumption of cookies at work today = 0

Can’t celebrate yet, the day is not done! And I have to work an extra half hour to make up for sick time last Friday. That’s an extra half hour of cookie temptation – *wild eyed, panicked look*

Ways I have decided to avoid the cookie clutch: do not sit in the staffroom for any of my breaks, instead head outside for a jaunt around the block followed by an egg muffin (see recipe here). Do not open the cookie jar to muse at what might be lurking inside. Do not be responsible for topping up the cookie jar. When purchasing cookies for said jar, only purchase cookies I don’t like.

Cookies I don’t like are not fun biscuits. They are the biscuits you feed to your children before they have a birthday party they can remember and then ask for the fancier cookies.

So, I have to buy fun cookies. It’s for the good of others. I shall sit back in the corner and watch thier waistlines increase as mine slowly, but surely, diminishes. Mwahahahaha!

I am aiming for a cookie free week. Feel free to ask me on Friday how I did. I encourage it!! It might mean nothing to you, but it’ll mean the world to me. I have to be accountable to someone other than myself. That isn’t working so I’m seeking outside reprimand.

Oooh see how I interchanged between cookies and biscuits!? I’m so Canadian/Kiwi. Biscuits, cookies. It’s all the same. Unless you’re in Canada and then you’ll tell me I’m wrong. Go on, I DARE you! ūüėČ

The bed base – I won an online auction and will be spending a whopping $21 on a bed base to prop up our oh so “70s crack chic; lives on the floor” mattress. I think then, my paranoia of being bitten my invisible mites can come to a stop. I’m 99% sure I’m not crazy. Ok, 89%.

I haven’t seen a photo of it but the seller had good feedback and was prompt with answering questions. It is pink and has six legs WITH WHEELS!! Score! So now I can swiftly slide around the room to my hearts content ūüôā

Lacking a third beverage today, need to go and top up the other two: green tea with mandarin and lime flowers and aqua. Ta-taa!


PS I jazzed up myyyy egg muffins with finely chopped mushrooms and brocolli and grated zucchini Рsauteed in olive oil, salt and pepper. I also halved cherry tomatoes and popped them in on top after I poured the egg in. It went: veges, sausages (breakfast real pork soss), egg mix (FREE RANGE!!!), tomatoes. Oven. Cook. Cool. Stash in containers to take to work. Eat extra one. Hehe. YUM!

“I am obese”: Tales from the fat keeper

According to the NZ Heart Foundation website, I am obese. I am 166cm tall and I weigh about 84kgs (185 lbs). Not my ideal weight by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m certainly NOT obese!!!

Back when I was 19years old,¬†I was heavier than I am now,¬†and a¬†nutritionist¬†in training I worked with had recorded my food intake and calculated my BMI for me. The next day she broke the news that I was “obese”. A bit stunned, I finished work, drove home and announced to my flatmates that I was obese and that if they didn’t want to be friends with a really fat person¬†any more¬†that I would understand. I was joking, of course. Not about the “obese” thing – that was a FACT. A “fact”.

I knew I was heavy and that was probably a bit of a wake up call to hear the word obese being hurled at me. Obese was bad. Obese was too big. Obese was really big! But I wasn’t that big…or was I? I could still tie my shoes, I could still see my toes, there was no mould growing in the folds of my skin, chaffing was a bit of an issue in the thigh area but I wasn’t losing skin there, as far as I knew I smelled fresh and clean and didn’t yawn a lot or waddle…I was confused.

I know the BMI is only an indicator and that many other factors have to be taken into account Рbody type, muscle mass, pregnancy etc. , but it seems a bit too strict. I am an hourglass lady with boobs, a bum and hips, I am not pregnant and I am active. I have pretty thick calves and sizeable thigh muscles and I could definitely use some toning up and trimming down, but OBESE? Really?! That is a strong word; not to be bandied around willy nilly!

There was a time, once, when I was 20kgs lighter than I am today. I was 21, depressed, not exercising apart from the walk too and from work and didn’t love cooking. I fit into size 10 jeans and still thought I was a¬†heifer. My friend Stacey told me later, after I’d gained a bit of weight, that I’d looked “gaunt” back then. I didn’t think I did, but then I’m maybe not the best person to judge – I didn’t think I was obese once upon a time but apparently I was. Yet, at 65kgs I was considered to be a “healthy weight”. How does “gaunt” fit in with “healthy”?

Right now, to be a “healthy weight” according to the NZ Heart Foundation site, I would have to drop 16kilos, to lower my risk of “obesity related diseases”. I don’t smoke, I eat a balanced diet and I exercise on a regular basis. Still, I remain obese. My current target is to get into the mid 70kg range where I’d still be considered “over-weight”. An improvement on obese but still a little bit of a negative connotation surrounds that phrase. I can’t win!

I know that as long as I feel good about the way that I look, regardless of my BMI, then I think I’m¬†OK.¬†I love food too much to be super skinny and I love my health enough to not be a drain on the healthcare system.

I do think the BMI is a useful indicator for those who do not exercise, smoke, gorge themselves on salty/sugary/fatty treats every day etc. , but for a lass that doesn’t, the BMI seems a little bit dinosaur for my liking. We should all be striving to avoid obesity related heart diseases for so many reasons but is the BMI the most effective way to calculate this?

Do potatoes make you sleepy?

I just googled this question as I ate a whole potato for breakfast (with some fried portabelllo mushroom and some baked beans…mmm carbs) and now I feel SUPER tired. Like I could literally fall asleep at my desk. It could be my booooring job. But I’ll blame the spud.

Usually, food is what causes my ill feelings and it occurred to me that I’d been eating potato most mornings since I can’t eat dairy or gluten to help fill the gap. And I’ve noticed an increase in yawning in the morning after breakfast. Odd. I’ve been sleeping OK and started taking an iron supplement so how is it that I’m SO tired, but not all the time?

The possible culprit: Evil Mr Potato.

Beware!! The following is not scientifically correct and more for the¬†laymen: Potatoes are mega high in carbs which is essentially a sugar and so my body had a huge spike of potato sugars and now I’m crashing causing me to be veeeeerrrryyyyy sleeeeeeepyyyyyyy.

Look at him…plotting his next sugary spike.


Evil Mr Potato typically strikes at dinner time and can be found lurking in the deep friers of most fast food restaurants. Small in stature and varying in size and colour, his eyes are many and his skin is thick. Should you wish to avoid the curse of Evil Mr Potato, carry a hessian sack with you at all times to trap him – once his eyes are covered, his almighty sleep inducing powers are zapped! Pow! Pow!