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Am I a wedges girl?

Mmmmm wedges…with sour cream and bacon bits and cheese and chives….and sweet chilli! mmmmm…

No, no, no! not potato wedges…the shoes.

I tried some on yesterday and clomped around in them for a bit. Definitely comfier than the old high heel but I’m not sure if I can pull them off. It’s a lot of shoe! I’ve always thought that a wedge heel looks slightly odd on a really skinny leg, but as I have wider, more non sticky legs – would my legs end up looking TOO large? Like, would they accentuate my girthy legs or just be an extension of the girth and look fine?

I’m not fashionable. I’m not really that girly – I like to put make up on once every couple of months and dress nicely and when I do make an effort, I actually scrub up quite well. But on a regular, daily kind of basis, I don’t possess the girly gene. I don’t often need to go shopping with another person because I know what suits me, but occasionally it’s nice to have a second opinion to help me decide on things that stray from my normal choices i.e wedge heels.

The reason I’m thinking about wedges is because our NZ wedding will be on sand and grass and if I don’t find shoes I LOVE then I’ll just do the barefoot thing, or get some kind of foot jewellery. Wedges are dressy and the height will be kind to my legs so they are a good choice for practicality.

What do you think about wedges? Did you go from heels to wedge heels and never look back? Did you find the chunkiness of them a bit of an adjustment? Will I be OK if I wear them? Or will people think “that girl has no business in wedge heels – I mean, look how much girth they add to her already girthy legs!” Talk about first world problems!!