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Pay Day!

A few days ago, if you couldn’t tell, I was pensieve and contemplative and probably not feeling 100% the person I usually am…

Today I feel much better. Actually, since writing that post I feel much, much better! People got in contact and expressed their appreciation which was very much needed and lovely to hear. Not for the “ego boost” or any kind of needy beast inside needing to be fed (well, possibly a little bit of that…) but for the sheer joy of a friends affection for you. We might not think we need it until one day it’s not how it used to be and then a bit of a hole is left. Plug it up with loooove 🙂

Anyway, another reason I could be feeling better today is because it’s pay day. Can I get a whoop whoop? 

I get paid monthly, blerk, and pay day is very much anticipated each month. Today I wrote out my budget and put down all the things I needed and that were high priority – car things, alignments, check ups and such, rent, food…. all those boring things. But as well as the chunks of money I put towards the non-exciting stuff, I also got to put some away for fun stuff. This weekend is Erin’s birthday, next weekend is Jemma’s birthday, the weekend after that Scott and I are heading to Onemana, along the Coromandel Peninsula, to meet up with some cool kids we met in Vancouver. Scott already knew them, I knew a mutual friend, we all got together in some way or another (mostly non-sexual, but then kind of sexually… but not how you think… twisted! haha, Scooter and Me, the friend and the friends boyfriend, at some point, back in the day…) anyway – that’ll be a weekend of chillaxing, maybe a bush walk, some fizzy wine and definitely some food. Oooh, I didn’t think to plan a menu. I will now! Yuss!

Those are things are days/weeks away so today I satisfied the spendy monster inside me (he’s not very big and he’s mostly quite practical) with the following:

  • Half leg wax at Sanctum Beauty Therapy – they just moved into a bigger premise and it smells good, and they have detox tea and MindFood mags while you wait. I went in fifteen mins earlier just so I could drink the tea and read the magazine. And the place smells AMAZING! Oh, I said that. But it’s true. And there’s that plinky plonky music people say they hate but if they’d just relax and shut up for five seconds to listen to it, they’re probably end up a little more zen because of it and less likely to complain about trivial things like plinky plonky music in day spas. What are they meant to play? I’d like to know.
  • Inner Health Plus Dairy Free because probiotics are good and I have an intolerance to dairy. That magnum I ate last night and the greek yoghurt I ate this morning made me all stuffy and I feel a bit blurgh health wise in general and because your immune cells live in your gut, probiotics will help them to thrive and keep me healthy. They better… or else!
  • Lifestream Ultimate Greens for a wee bit of a detox and because I’ve been reading about alkalising my body – more so my blood – and the lady in Health 2000 (Mt Maunganui) told me it was amazing. I generally believe what I hear from ladies who work in health stores. I do grill them a little bit because I have experienced the whole “umm, I actually don’t know what the benefits of this product are versus that one…” line, it made me a bit wary of some staff in health stores because I know not all of them are trained in natural health. Just told to sell the products they’re told to sell. But I trust this lady. So I’m looking forward to putting the delightful smelling (actually, pretty weird smelling) powder into my smoothie tomorrow morn and feeling amaze balls. Watch this space. I went in looking for Chlorella (another Lifestream product) but she said this has that as well as spirulina (you know that shit’s good) and barley grass. WHich is more alkalising than Chlorella. Green stuff. It’s good; get it down ya! 
  • Sushi from Sushi Heaven. I don’t care how many awards Mount Sushi has won, it’s not the best sushi in the bay. They don’t give me free sushi at the end of the day. But sushi heaven do. 
  • 91 unleaded petrol for my car. She’s been mostly near the empty end since I got her so I treated her to some of the good stuff. I usually name my cars but this one I couldn’t quite get inspired for. I think I might’ve just come up with her name. Although she doesn’t technically look green, she technically is because that’s what CarJam tells me she is… The Green Dream. 

So that’s me. That’s my today so far. Later, after work, I am getting a massage – for medicinal purposes – and going to Bayfair (see ya there!) with my sister so we can get over excited about being out of the house and at the mall, try not to eat cheesy gravy garlic fries and look for stuff for me. Oh and mainly so I can get a smarty pants phone to download Whats App (whatever that is…I’m so out of touch) so that my sister in Melbourne can send me photos of my nephew. Woo! Technology! Woo! 


Fantasy land… a flight I take for free


I love looking at flights. Even though I can’t book any and I don’t know exactly when I can go, I like to live so far in the future that it’s like I’m living it for real.

If you could fly anywhere today, where would you go?

Who is the slackest blogger you know?

My hand is up! I’ve been pretty slack, I know it. No, no, don’t try and make me feel better with your “life gets in the way comments” and your remorseful stares. I’ve been slack. 

Work has been MENTAL! I’ve been more stressed in the last three weeks than I have in a long time but it’s all calming down now. Thank the powers that be! There are 8 more days of this awful job left and then it’s goodbye celebrations and road trip with husband!!!

When I arrive in the North Island, and will be unemployed, I’ll have plenty of time to update this wonderful wee blog I like to think thousands of people follow. But it’s just you…so, sorry for not posting and thanks for reading 🙂 Image