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Happy Bloggaversary to me!

In two weeks and three days, it will be my one year bloggaversary! (a real thing. not factual)

So I decided a make-over was in order. No, not for me, for my blog! A present if you will. I like it, do you? I liked the last one too but that font, so teeny… 

There were SO many good themes to choose from but I always felt like maybe I was trying to copy someone if I chose one of the plain white background options. Pretty sure I’m still copying someone, somewhere, as this theme is a free one and I’m not all that serious about my blog (mainly because I don’t earn any money from writing it and it’s more so some of my friends can see what I’ve been up to and also hopefully other people will read and enjoy it.) so I don’t wanna have to pay for a theme. Hopefully someone got a cut from me choosing the theme, at the very least.

It’s a Monday, I’m having a slow day. Might blog about my weekend soon. Or not. You just never know… I’m so mysterious. 

Edge of the world

Right now there is a storm rolling in and one side of the office the sun is streaming into the office and on the other side there is a blanket of rain covering the usual view of mountains and fields of sheep. The air is dead still.

I wish I had my camera as the evidence would make this post 1000 time better… the contrast between the sun lighting up the trees in front of the storm is stunning and a little bit comical actually because it appears that Queenstown no longer exists; the storm has eaten up the west coast of the South Island and won’t stop until it hits the east coast.

It actually looks like the country stops about half a km from where I work; that if you got to that point you’d just drop off. There’d be no obvious cliff, no hint that you were going to drop off any time soon, you’d just get there and disappear. Into oblivion. Being a Monday and working at a job I don’t love, that might be quite nice… I’ll settle for a massive storm – they’re always exciting. I’ll run to the window like the kids do at school when it hails, it’ll be mayhem! Kind of…not really. But similar.