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Wrecking ball – covered

Do you see what I did there?! did you? Hmmm? It’s James Arthur and he’s doing a COVER but he’s also not naked… Huh? Huh? 😉

Anyway, it’s very nice to hear this song and watch a video of a person not undressed, not straddling a giant metal ball and not Miley Cyrus. Bless her, she’s just growing up and doing silly things like most of us did at 19 (not to say we all got naked and straddled a wrecking ball. Hey, maybe some of you did? I’d love to hear about it another time…) but the difference is, her life is supersized and put in front of the world to see so WHY NOT get nekkid and swing around on a construction apparatus?! YOLO!

On a side note: kudos to James for not yet fixing his teeth. Stay true to your British heritage, brother! Do it for England! Is he from England? Details.

And kudos to Erin for forwarding me the Sony music promo email thing, without you, I’d never have been inspired to write this. Erin, you are the wind beneath my wings.

Enjoy the toon xx

“this is f*@king awesome”

Not only is this song clever and funny, it’s catchy too!! If you need an incentive to click to watch…Batman. Feety. Pjs. Need I say more?

Rainy days and rock music

It’s a mellow Friday morning here in Queenstown, New Zealand. The forecasted rain has just rolled in; pitter pattering on the roof. As I busy myself with the tasks of the day, I wonder what to listen to in order to block out the hum drum sounds of the office. On a Friday, I would usually listen to up beat, peppy tunes to further enhance my excitement for the oh so close weekend. But today, I think some rock music will do quite nicely to go with this grey, drab, eerily warm day.

Here’s what I’m listening to:



I Aroha New Zealand

Just a little shout out to this fine country of mine and the international export quality everything that it produces…Whoop whoop!

The sheep, electronic funds transfer at point of sale (you’re welcome Canada), women’s right to put their two cents in, models, actors, singers, DJ’s…people and music in general and not to mention the movies: Lord of the Rings, Whale Rider, The Piano, Once were warriors, Heavenly Creatures, Eagle vs Shark and soon to be The Hobbit. Go New Zealand! It’s your birthday!

The next instalment of greatness comes from “Scarfies” director, Robert Sarkies, called “Two little boys” which prompted this post in the first place and got me higher out of the grump I’ve been in for the last two days (fucking hormones…)

Here is the trailer for what is sure to be NZ’s next amaze balls* film:

Roll on 20th September!!! That’s when it opens in NZ, it’s not just a date I’m looking forward to for no good reason.

*this word now features in the Oxford English Dictionary…my thoughts on this later. Or not at all. But just quickly, what the?! English is going to shit…