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My truth about cats and dogs

I am a cat fan. I am also a dog fan. But the type of dog, the size and the length of it’s hair kind of needs to be perfect before I can fully allow myself to become enamoured with them. I can’t stand little dogs and my sensitive sense of smell makes me cringe when I’m too close to a smelly one. In saying this, I have grown more fond/tolerant of dogs over the years. I will probably always be more of a cat person though.

My sisters and I grew up with both animals around but the cats were allowed inside and on my bed and they had kittens (cuuuuute!) and were generally pretty cool pets. Whereas, the dogs were working farm dogs and stayed in a kennel or tied up until dad needed them. So they had WAY too much energy and if you went near them, they’d jump up on you and lick you and when you’re only a couple of feet tall, that’s scary. You carry that with you…I did anyway.

It probably helps that mum LOVES cats too. They’re like her other children. Treated nicer than we were when we were in trouble – she would’ve just finished yelling at us and we’d be crying and a cat would walk past and it’d get picked up and smothered with love. She now has an invisible beacon above her door that attracts whatever cat happened to stray or be abandoned from it’s previous home.

Each pet has a personality, as any owner will tell you, and this weekend Scott was browsing a website he checks regularly for facts and funnies and everything in between and he saw this:

Seeing a cat with such a whacky “personality”, you’ve got to wonder if there’s something to this re-incarnation business! Was this cat an actor in a previous life? An impersonator? Or maybe even a dog!? Whatever it may have been, it’s a pretty funny cat!