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run for fun – update

For those of you who care – I did the run!!! I got up and I thought twice about it. I slept in longer than I should, I dilly dallied and thought the little bit of rain outside would be a good excuse not to do it. But I grew a pair, hopped into the car, registered and ran!

I even won a spot prize. A sports bag from a bank that is merging with another bank and will no longer exisit. But still, a prize 🙂

My time for the 5km run (which included a couple of up-hill battles) was around 36mins. I walked the hills because I’m not a machine! After the first km I thought “F*@K me, I have four more of these to go?!” groooan… and “oh look, a ruddy great hill!” groooooooan! But by the 3km mark I realised I was over half way and I hadn’t died and I could actually do this! I hit my stride, the sun came out and I ran all the way to the finish line.

I was SO proud of myself for doing it. I’ve run 5kms before, but always on a treadmill. And back when I was much fitter and younger. Yay me! 😀

run for fun (if not for anything else)

There’s a fun run tomorrow that I just heard about. I’m not usually a runner. I can run, I do run, but I’m not like “yeah! running! woo! let’s ALL do it! keeps us fit and young and virile and woo! running!” But this is a fun run. If they put the word “fun” in front of anything, I’m likely to want to do it.

There is a 5km, a 10km and a half marathon. It’s part of the front runner series that runs all through winter and wraps up end of November. There’s $30,000 worth of spot prizes and about 450 entrants, on average. Pretty good odds for winning a neat spot prize. Almost worth it to go huff and puff in the sun for a half hour or so.

I haven’t been running for a few weeks now. However, I have been biking regularly, doing yoga and the other day I did some aerobics (80s I know, but I loved it!) I’m not so unfit that I couldn’t attempt a fun run. It also has the option to walk. I think I’ll mix it up, live dangerous like; run AND walk. Ooooh…such a dare devil.

BUT, and there’s always a but…I won’t have access to a car tomorrow as Scott takes it to work. In order to get to the race starting point I might have to hitch. If I rode my bike there,I’d be buggered by the time I arrived and too tired to run. So, it’s my excuse not to do it. It’s the only excuse. Is it a good enough excuse? This was only ever going to be a spontaneous thing – I literally only heard about it 20 minutes ago. It’s not like I’d been planning to do it for weeks and had been all organised and trained and bought new shoes and a new sports bra and was telling everyone I’d do it. Apart from me writing about it now, there’s been no build up.

Do I just dismiss it and not go? Or do I ask Scott if he’ll bike to work tomorrow so I can take the car and do myself a wee fun run? Hopefully he’ll read this today and tell me to take the car before I chicken out of asking. Not because he’s scary and he’d say no, but because the easy option is to not ask as if the fun run never existed along with the idea to do it.

I always think far too much about doing things to the point that I’ve thought about it so much in my head that it’s kind of like I’ve done it already and don’t actually need to do it. I’d feel quite good if I did do it. But would I feel bad enough if I didn’t do it? Probably not…

Hmmm…to run or not to fun?