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Dirty little secrets

Does anyone else enjoy the rings the coffee cup leaves on their desk? Or the way it drips down the side of the cup and leaves a little trail? I do. I really do. I know it’s a little bit grubby but it adds character to my rain cloud coloured desk and the stark white “run of the mill” coffee mug that work provides. It adds something uncaring to my workspace. As it is, I don’t really give two hoots about my job – I’m purely here for the money until my imminent escape – and therefore, I don’t really care about my work space all that much.

But I think, even if I did love my job, I would still enjoy the coffee rings that form a contemporary version of the Olympic rings in the bottom left corner of my desk. Drinking a coffee in the morning is a habit I’ve only just picked up in the last few months. I don’t do very well on caffeine as it is but I enjoy the kick it gives on the odd day. In turn, this kick, makes me a bit frantic and it’s like the dribbles and the rings are reflections of my frantic-ness. Like I don’t have time to be bothered with that little drip that my lip leaves on the cup, or the rings that form on the desk as a result of my frantic, carefree coffee induced attitude. It makes me appear busier. To who? Well, really only just me. It’s a character I like to imagine myself being: busy and important rather than a human computer and all round pleb.

These dirty little rings have become my friend. They comfort me and there is something rebellious and cheeky about their presence. Oh yes, I am living life on the edge, my friend.

We all have little habits, or better: “isms” like this. So, what’s your “ism”? What’s your dirty little secret?