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Brown and purple food

Here is a wee shot showcasing yesterday’s spoils. Didn’t last long. Gonna have to octuple the recipe in the future


Gluten free, dairy free, preservative free, organic aaaaaaand delicious as.
For the recipe visit http://thecreeksidecook.com/coconut-milk-fudgesicles/#axzz3RNyeLrnw

And because the world deserves a little more purple in it, here’s ma breakfast. Also dairy free, gluten free and thanks to the hemp hearts, contained 10g’s of protein. Mmm.


250ml Almond milk (unsweetened)
3tbsp hemp seeds
3/4 cup blueberries
4-5 slices of peaches (I used canned but fresh is best)
pinch of Himalayan salt
a splosh of pure vanilla

Combine and blend.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the f**k up

I’ve been holding back as I don’t want to be the office Grinch, but it has come to a point where I can no longer stand by with my polite smiles and my nonchalant responses to the comments that are passed when I am preparing food in the staff room. So instead of making it an issue in the work break room, I’m venting it into the cypersphere 🙂

Here are some of the comments I’ve become accustomed to hearing when preparing my meals:

“oooh, what is that?” (imagine an upturned nose and a grimace rather than an interested coo of delight)

“do you know what I thought it looked like?” 

“well, that looks….healthy” 

“are you on some kind of diet?”

The difference between them and I? I eat healthy. My meals are made from scratch and without an abundance of chemical processes or additives, preservatives etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good additive every now and then (whatever that flavour on Cheetos is that turns them orange and makes me fiend for the whole bag – you’re evil and I love you!) but for the most part, I do my best to eat well. 

Due to the gluten intolerance, my love/hate relationship with dairy and my inability to digest any kind of protein at an optimal level, my food ends up being less main stream than my colleagues.

But do they have to make comments EVERY time I’m making something?! I don’t look at their food and say out loud “wow, that looks like something I would NEVER eat.” 

I know none of them mean to upset or insult me, and that’s not what I’m even getting at – I don’t feel insulted or judged or upset by the comments. It’s more the fact I have to give some kind of explanation as to what I’m eating and why I’m eating it EVERY SINGLE TIME I’M IN THE KITCHEN. Without fail. Every time. And I have to be nice about it, which I hate. Me and fake niceness don’t really go very well together. Especially not towards people who’ve known me for nearly a year and have been witnessing this “odd” food behaviour for months now.

Yes, maybe my breakfast smoothie (usually a fruit juice, berries, a banana, some pysillium husk and my Ultimate Greens powder which turns it a nice murky sludge colour) does look a little off colour and more along the lines of a glass of swamp poop, but must you imply that with your tones of repulsion? Or not even implied, but just outright said that it looks unappetizing. So does your face, but I don’t say it out loud. Plus no one really eats a face these days…so it’s out of context. You get where I’m going with that though, right?

One guy keeps joking about how I’m eating buckwheat again when he sees something he doesn’t recognise on my place. This is after I went through a phase of brown rice, broccoli, tuna and feta for lunch. To him, brown rice looked like buckwheat and now it’s funny. To him. 

I was adding ground linseed to my breakfast a while back and one lady asked me what it was and when I told her she said “urrrrrgh” without even knowing what is was. She had the decency to ask what it was before passing further judgement and when I told her she said “yuck”. I laughed (because I am good natured) and asked her why she thought that was yuck and she said “it just was”. More like, it had the word “seed” in it and those are known to be healthy things. Gross. Seeds – who would DO such a thing?! EAT A SEED?! YOU MUST BE MENTAL!

Maybe it’s because I’m a foodie that I am more interested in the strange things that someone else might be eating. Enough to not be rude about it. Instead, taking a genuine interest in the hope of possibly discovering something exciting or interesting or really, really delicious.

But these people… They’re all grown ups, all up for some cheeky banter, which I can totally appreciate. And for a while it was nice they were paying attention to my weird and wonderful (not even…just healthier than theirs) foods but now it’s just annoying. I’ve worked here for about eight months and I eat “strange” things – please get over it. Please. I’m begging. Just shut up. Just walk past me, get your roast dinner that your wife cooked out of the fridge, shove it in the microwave, wait for the beep and then bugger off. Or you, with your cup of soup: just fuck off. Don’t talk to me, don’t cast your judgey eyes. Just take it for granted that I might be eating something that doesn’t look like a sandwich and move right along.

Also, don’t think you’re funny when you make snide comments about how I must be enthralled with the happenings of Emmerdale farm on the staff room tele while I wait for “Come dine with me” to come on so that I can stop thinking about work for an hour while I eat my buckwheat and pond slime smoothie. It’s old. I’m over it. 




Yoga and my belly

Two things I think of quite often: Yoga and my belly. I mostly think about doing yoga, I think about the good things it brings – the brightness in my cheeks and the sparkly eyes I get after a good session, the oh so lovely feeling of stretching out my muscles and the shaking in poses from the not so strong muscles. I don’t do yoga as often as I would like, due to discomfort in my back (I know, you hard out yogis will say “Keep doing it, it’s wonderful for back injuries!” – I know this, my issue is complex (not an injury) and some yoga aggravates it. I’m working on it, ok?)

One of the things I’m day dreaming about right now is being back in North Vancouver and going to my fave yoga spot: Yogapod

I discovered this place just before summer as I was looking to join somewhere that wasn’t a gym but that offered yoga classes and wasn’t stupidly expensive. I stumbled across the Yogapod website and was pleased to find that they had a 30 day membership that was quite reasonable. The catch? You had to go every day for 30 days. It was a 30-day challenge and I thought “heck, why not! I love yoga, how hard could it be to do it every day?”

It was hard. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Because of my work hours, some days I HAD to do a hot class which I ended up resenting VERY much especially because it was high summer. On the days that you missed a class (which I think I did twice) you had to make it up in a seven day period with two classes on one day. In theory, this idea was great. In practice it was a pain in the ass!! Towards the end of my yoga challenge I was crying in my classes because I was tired and sore and just did not want to be there. But I also didn’t want to give up. For one whole hot class, I did the first few poses and then just lay down on my mat and closed my eyes for the rest of the time. I did feel a bit silly but I was so far past the point of caring what anyone thought of the crazy person lying on her mat, not doing yoga in a yoga class filled with people doing yoga, that it felt so good to just lie there and breathe. Weirdo. It had been said, at the start of the challenge, that if you didn’t feel you could do the class that it was OK to lie down. I owned that.

I managed to complete the challenge and I was so very proud of myself. I have since come to terms with some of the hate I felt for the challenge. Plus, I’ve not stuck to many things in my life (see Every Two Years) so I get a bit chuffed when I have done something I didn’t think I could do… like that 5km fun run I did on a whim (see Run for fun). 

To keep me motivated during the 30 days, I would reward myself with healthy treats. Conveniently located a couple of blocks up and across, was a vegetarian/vegan/gluten free cafe called Buddha-Full. I used to get the Tall Totem about once a week (maybe twice, one week) and it made me happy to be walking home in the sun with my mat tucked under my arm, happy thoughts running around in my mind and a massive smoothie in my hot little hand.

I day dream about Vancouver quite a bit as I try to keep it as present as possible in my mind. I try to think of the things that I loved/liked so that in my mind it’s represented as a happy place; somewhere I want to go back to. I didn’t plan on being in NZ as long as I have been, I should be back in Vancouver already, but plans change and we are at the mercy of immigration so I feel like the more I am in NZ the harder it will be to leave. I don’t want to resent Vancouver for making me be there because I love one of it’s residents and none of my best friends live there. It’s a nice place with a lot to offer and before I left I remember walking home from work and thinking about how happy I was, in general, with my life at that moment. So, I try to have it in the back of my mind as a good place to be. Which it is, I just might find it hard to remember that when I get back there and am lonely and waiting to be told if I’ve been granted permanent residency or not. Perhaps to keep me busy, I’ll do another 30 day challenge 🙂 

The following photo is not to do with yoga or bellies but more just a nice photo that reminds me why Vancouver will hold a special place in my heart…