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What advertising taught me today

I just watched a commercial for Nivea for men and this is what I learned (p.s it was forced watching as it plays in between Words With Friends goes):

1 – if you wear Nivea deodorant for men, you will be able to win Who wants to be a millionaire. Fact.

2 – if you wear Nivea deodorant for men, you will not sweat under the arms which means when you win WWTBAM and throw your arms up, you won’t be faced with the embarrassment of having pit stains on your lightly coloured shirt

3 – if you wear Nivea deodorant for men, while you are winning WWTBAM, throwing your arms up with excitement and not getting embarrassed, you will also have a babe throwing herself into your arms (also with excitement but without any arm throwing or pit stains because she probably wears Nivea for woman) in a congratulatory fashion. She is your partner and you obviously have her because you wear Nivea deodorant for men. 

Certainly not the work of Don Draper…mmmmmm….Image