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oh how I love a good weekend!!

I’ll keep this weekend round-up brief:

Sleep ins
Skype Calls
Seeing friends
Samoa photos
Sauvignon Blanc
Stewing over a personal dilemma
Sexy time (sorry if that’s TMI – I don’t really care…)
Snotty noses
Supermarket shopping

and last, but never least: Sandwiches!!!

I made caramelised onions for a BBQ Scott and I went to yesterday – they were for “fancy hotdogs” which just means a sausage that isn’t made from MRM (and hopefully led a happy life) in a cut up French roll bun, with any sauce you like, garlic and herb butter, grated cheese and caramelised onions.

There was plenty left over (as I ALWAYS make too much) and after the late BBQ lunch had settled and our tummies were grumbling again, we were at the supermarket trying to decide what to have for dinner. Which in itself was PAINFUL, I was tired and dehydrated from sun and cider and nothing seemed appealing after the big lunch. But we knew we had to make a decision or we’d get home and have to come straight back. I didn’t feel like cooking and decided a frozen pizza wasn’t gonna cut the mustard.

So, we got a bakery loaf of focaccia and some brie cheese to accompany other sandwichy type things we already had in the trolley.

Long story short…after a regular sandwich of avocado, brie and iceberg lettuce, eyeing up Scott’s toasted cheese and ham number, I decided something toasted would be tastier for my second round. I made a pan fried toasted sandwich with brie and caramelised onions and a touch of the garlic and herb butter on the outside of the bread to prevent sticking. AH MA GAHD! Suuuuch a good toasted sandwich! The brie wasn’t completely melted, but it was on it’s way, the onions were warmed through and added the tiniest of hints of sweetness to the salty cheese and I ALWAYS enjoy a bit of garlic. Should’ve taken a photo…but it was gone too soon for me to think I might write about it the next day.

Try it; it’s wonderful. This would make a perfect appetiser (if cut into smaller, two bite pieces) or just an indulgent late night snack (think Nigella Lawson). Or, with a glass of pinot gris or a creamy chardonnay, you might just like to have yourself a wee sandwich party.

Rainy days and rock music

It’s a mellow Friday morning here in Queenstown, New Zealand. The forecasted rain has just rolled in; pitter pattering on the roof. As I busy myself with the tasks of the day, I wonder what to listen to in order to block out the hum drum sounds of the office. On a Friday, I would usually listen to up beat, peppy tunes to further enhance my excitement for the oh so close weekend. But today, I think some rock music will do quite nicely to go with this grey, drab, eerily warm day.

Here’s what I’m listening to: