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On-line yoga class – easing myself into the holiday come down

I discovered this site the first time I was living in Vancouver and had just completed a 30 day yoga challenge through Yogapod in North Vancouver.

It was a hard challenge and after a lot of sweat (thanks to the hot classes) and tears (thanks to the emotional releases and the challenge of having to commit to one class per day), I wanted to continue my practice without getting bored. One Google search later and I found

It’s been a while since I did me some yoga and it was long overdue. I didn’t want to launch into a one hour class because I knew it was going to test my body and I would get frustrated and probably over it at the half way mark. So I eased my way back in with a class just over half an hour.

I highly recommend this if you have tight hips or just want a nice relaxing, stretching flow for that quick half hour of feel goodness.

Great class if you are a newbie as the teacher has a very user friendly way of taking you through the poses.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did.  link below)

Namaste 🙂


Melissa guides you gently through a series of lovely, effective poses, focusing on bending but covering the entire body in an calm, attentive way. Perfect for beginners, inflexible athletes and 55+.

via Bend and Stretch with Melissa McLeod |

Vancouver Christmas Market

Dashing through the snow (even though there is none yet), in a four door rented car, over the bridge we go, laughing all the way!!! Ha ha haaa! Everybody now!

I am quite excited about heading to the Vancouver Christmas Market tonight, mostly for the German food delights that are to be found there, but also for that crisp wintry feel of visiting a market at night and holding a cup of Gluhwein (a hot, spiced mulled wine). I haven’t actually ever been to a night market in the winter and held a cup of spiced wine but I imagine it’s magical and with all my layers of winter clothes, will be somewhat cosy. And the Christmas lights!!! All of the lights…all of the lights….wooooah ooh woaahhhh… just me? Nah, you were singing along too 🙂

I first heard about the markets from reading THIS BLOG – the girl knows how to find a good time, I’ll tell you that much! I knew I was ending up in Vancouver and it was cool to see that there was something a little bit different to be done around this festive season that wasn’t elbowing your way through crowds to get your last minute Christmas shopping done in packed malls. Blerk!

Ok, mostly it was the German food that got me excited. But again, also the ambiance.

I should really go and get ready. I will try to remember to take my camera with me so you too can see the magical wonder of a Christmas market. You’re welcome in advance. I’ll apologise for the shoddy camera work now and also the potential that there could be no photos or follow up blog on this as well. You could always just read Rachel’s blog and go to the website. Equally as good at portraying that markety goodness.

Don’t be disappointed at my lack of effort; at least I’m letting you know in advance. xx