Date Night- couples cooking class.

Such a good idea!! We struggle for ideas also other than the usual movies and dinner. No kids or house so we can still discuss those things until his attention wanes closer to any screen with a sport on it (I’m oh so patient…). But I love to cook and he is a bit of a novice so this would be tons of fun. Will have to search for it in Vancouver. Great post and photos as always! X

After so many years together, date night options have become very limited. Movies are out b/c I’ll probably fall asleep within thirty minutes (after 8:30pm, I can’t function). Bar hopping? We both don’t drink so that just doesn’t make any sense. Clubbing? NOT. A. CHANCE. I wouldn’t mind a shopping date, but he’s not as patient waiting around as he used to be (and I thought that would NEVER change).

But we haven’t given up hope yet, there are always dinner dates. However once we get there, then what?! The most exciting part of a dinner date is probably perusing the menu. Once we order, it becomes a little boring. Stealing glances? At this point in the relationship, that’s just weird.

Dinner date conversations have dwindled down to what’s happening at work or with the kids. Let’s be real, there’s nothing more that we would need to learn…

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